Suspicious Tears, Animal Droppings, Chewed Wires The Five Signs You Have A Rodent Problem

Your home is your sanctuary. It’s where you rest your head and enjoy your privacy.

When rodents shatter that illusion of safety? It can feel like a personal affront. Instead of attempting a hasty DIY method with unreliable results, look into animal removal services in your area. Rodents may look cute and cuddly on the surface, but they’re able to spread disease and even damage your furniture. Destructive animals are on the rise in many urban environments thanks to increasing population density.

Professional rodent control is quick, efficient, and humane. Here are the most common warning signs your apartment or home is home to some surprise guests.

There Are Droppings Scattered Throughout Your Home

This can be a tough one to spot, particularly if you haven’t had unwanted rodents in your home. Rodents are always on the move, constantly searching for food when they’re not looking for shelter. Rodent droppings are small and dark, appearing to the casual eye to be clumps of dirt. These can accumulate in corners or carpet, so keep a sharp eye out whenever you come home. Rats thrive in urban environments due to the abundance of hiding places and piles of trash — the three most rat filled cities in the United States are Chicago, Washington, D.C., and New York City.

You’re Noticing Damaged Furniture Or Frayed Wires

A somewhat more obvious sign you have some rodents in your home are damaged furniture and frayed wires. Rodents love to chew on things, whether to search for food or use the materials to pad out their homes. While chunks taken out of your sofa are certainly irritating, it’s frayed wires that are easily the most dangerous. Combine that with droppings or contaminated food and you have a real problem on your hands. It’s been found by the National Pest Management Association that, without the pest control industry, rodents and bugs could destroy up to 50% of our food supply.

There’s A Hole Or Large Crack In Your Wall Or Floorboard

Rodents don’t enter a home without having a few tricks up their sleeve. It’s common to find new holes, cracks, and tears throughout your space when you have an infestation. These are particularly common in homes that have old floorboards or weak plaster, as these can be torn apart by determined teeth easily. It’s not recommended you search these for invaders by yourself, as this can cause the rodents to flee to their next hiding spot. Rats breed incredibly fast, with just two rats in an ideal environment able to turn into a population of 480 million in just a few years.

Food In Your Kitchen Appears To Be Tampered With

You’ll notice this immediately, especially if you cook at home often. Sooner or later squirrels, rats, and mice will find their way into your food storage. Tears you can’t explain or outright missing food is one of today’s most common signs you need to call an animal removal service. Under no circumstance should you attempt to salvage this food, as rodents carry several diseases and can put you and your family in danger. Even nearby food that appears to be fine should be tossed, just to be on the safe side.

You Have Any Suspicion Whatsoever There Are Rodents

Perhaps you don’t have obvious warning signs like holes in your wall or droppings all over your kitchen floor. Maybe you’ve noticed some stray hair caught on your desk or you’re not quite sure if you ate all those crackers. Even a sneaking suspicion is best supplemented with a visit from animal removal services. They can give your home a thorough inspection from top to bottom, using tried-and-true techniques to get to the root of the issue. Back in 2017 the magazine The New Republic reported the country is on the verge of a ‘ratpocalypse’, with animal removal calls much higher than usual.

Keep your home, family, and pets safe. Talk to professional rodent call immediately if you spot any of these warning signs of invasive squirrel families or rat litters.

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