Surge in Nationwide Home Improvement Sales Highlights Different Flooring Options

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Early in 2015, America became known as renovation nation as more and more homeowners decided to improve their current housing situation as opposed to relocating and purchasing new property. Ironically, you can thank the Great Recession of the mid 2000’s for that.

Yep, the silver lining of the Great Recession was that its hardships only served to highlight the resilience of the American people by forcing them to look inward. This resulted in a growing number of DIY-ers (do it yourselfers) who by educating themselves on basic decorating and home improvement projects, decided to tackle odd jobs around the house. As such, home renovation and improvement retail giants such as Home Depot and Lowe’s have experienced — and enjoyed — record breaking sales throughout
2015 with no signs of slowing down.

And what rooms are American homeowners deciding to remodel and renovate? Surprisingly, it’s not a man cave. It’s bathrooms and kitchens of course, as they are the rooms in which the most time is spent. Perhaps one of the greatest aspects of any home improvement or remodeling project is reviewing flooring plans as there are a number of different flooring options available. Common trends and examples of popular flooring ideas include carpets in the family room, to hardwood flooring in the living room, to vinyl flooring installation in the kitchen and bath.

Vinyl flooring installation in kitchens and bathrooms is perhaps one of the most popular flooring options for these rooms. Vinyl flooring installation is not only fair easy to carry out, but it’s also pretty hassle free to maintain. As opposed to carpet and hardwood flooring, vinyl flooring installation is faster to complete and requires to special equipment or chemical cleaners to maintain.

Whether it’s carpet, hardwood, or vinyl flooring installation, each flooring option carries their own individual pros and cons. Some find the feel of carpeting much more comforting than hardwood flooring, while others find hardwood quality worth the effort to maintain. Depending on the climate, some homeowners choose to install a tile floor or flooring throughout the house in order to keep it cool during hot summer months.

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