Simple Roof Maintenance Tips to Keep From Hiring a Home Maintenace Contractor

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The next time you step outside, take a walk around your house. Visibly inspect the exterior of your home for things that could cause damage. Inspecting your home for potential hazards and performing simple home maintenance can save stress and hassles of having to hire a home maintenance contractor for repairs which could have been preventable.

Check Your Trees
Check to see if trees are growing too closely to your roof. This can cause a problem no matter which type of roof you have. Branches that lean on your roof can scratch or damage shingles. Strong winds can cause these branches to damage roofing materials and cause them to have to be replaced. Leaves that fall from tress can pose problems for gutters. Gutter repair can be eliminated by simply trimming trees and removing leaves from the gutters. If trees are growing over your roof, take the time to properly trim them to prevent costly roofing repairs. Homeowners with trees such as pine trees, or other trees which shed a lot, should clean their gutters at least four times per year. Homeowners who have trees which don’t shed or loose leaves should clean their gutters approximately twice a year to prevent costly repairs.

Properly Check Your Shingles
Shingles are the most visible part of any roof. They play a major role in keeping your roofing system dry. Asphalt shingles are the most commonly used shingles across North America. These shingles typically last 15 to 30 years, but this depends on the maintenance and the weather conditions during those years. When there are shingles missing it poses multiple problems. The dwelling is now exposed to the elements of the weather wherever shingles are missing and the shingles surrounding the missing shingles are now compromised. When one or more shingles are missing, strong winds are then capable of removing larger amounts of shingles. Replace any missing shingles immediately to preserve the life of your roof.

Inspect for Leaks
Your roof plays a primary role to protect the dwelling form the outside elements. A leaky roof should be a cause for immediate concern. Regularly checking for leaks should be part of your maintenance plan. This will help to eliminate problems while they are small and reduce the need for a home maintenance contractor to fix bigger problems. Some leaks can go undetected for a while causing bigger problems for home owners. Checking for leaks is relatively simple. Simply look up in your house or home. Check the parts where the ceiling and the wall come together. Check for discoloration, as most leaks will leave a yellow or brown stain. The longer a leak goes without being corrected the more costly it will be to repair in the long run.

Some simple home repair and home inspection tips can reduce the need to hire a home maintenance contractor for bigger problems. This saves home owners time and money. Take a little time to thoroughly inspect the inside and outside of your home regularly for problems and correct them before a small problem turns into a major costly problem.

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