Signs It May Be Time to Replace Your HVAC Unit

At some point an HVAC system will wear itself out and need to be either repaired or replaced. It’s smart for homeowners to keep a close eye on the AC duct system and the heating unit, compressor, and other HVAC system components. If something seems wrong, it may be time to contact an HVAC company to discuss options.

What should folks watch out for? Odd smells are one potential sign that something could be wrong. The HVAC air may smell like rotten eggs or something else unpleasant. You might also notice an “electrical” smell, which can be hard to describe but also difficult to miss. Either way, if bad smells are becoming common, it’s time to search for a business that provides AC furnace repair near me. Simply type ac cooling and heating near me into your favorite search engine.

It’s also wise to contact AC furnace companies if mold is found on your vents. In some cases, it may be possible to clean out the mold without replacing major components. Often, when mold is present it’s because of moisture issues. With that in mind, it’s smart to watch for puddles outside of vents.

Are you worried your commercial air conditioning and heating setup might not be ready for the wear and tear of the season ahead? Do you have questions about local repair and maintenance services that might be an option for your business? Have you been worried about where to go for professional assistance with your heating and cooling needs? The best place for answers to all these questions and many more like them is your local HVAC contractor or repair company.

When you need quality service and will settle for nothing but the best AC and heating installation, maintenance, and repair services, you need to look to your local providers. You can get service quotes and estimates to plan your budget quickly and easily. You can also look for heating and AC direct online to compare prices and rates.

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There is more to central air conditioning installation than most people think. If equipment is not installed properly, homeowners can see a decrease of up to 30% in their home’s heating and cooling efficiency. In order to avoid spending more money than you’d like on HVAC repairs, keep an eye out for the following signs that your heating and air unit needs to be checked or replaced.

Rotten Egg Smell
If at any point you smell rotten eggs and you do not have them in your house, there is a natural gas leak in your home. This is a dangerous sign and must be addressed immediately as gas leaks are a very common cause for explosions.

Electrical Smell
If you notice that something smells as if it is overheating, chances are that it most likely is. Turn off your heating and air unit with the master shutoff switch/valve and contact a professional Houston heating and air company near you. The electrical smell you noticed could lead to burns and damage to your system and cause a fire.

Moldy or Musty Smell
If you smell anything that resembles must, there is a possibility that it could be mold. Because air conditioning units usually have condensation buildups, moisture can easily generate inside the unit and create mold. To fix this, clean out the air duct as part of your air conditioning maintenance checklist. Mold is not safe to breathe in and should be addressed as soon as possible.

Not every sign that your central air conditioning installation needs to be checked involves a smell. Sometimes the most common air conditioning problems can be spotted with the naked eye. If you notice leaks coming from your unit, that is a sign that you have a problem. Contact a professional HVAC company and have the central air conditioning unit checked.

While two-thirds of homes in the United States have air conditioning units in them, there are many common signs we can watch out for to let us know they need servicing. Some of these signs include smells like must, burning, or rotten eggs. Sometimes we can physically see the problem in the form of a puddle or leak.

In any case, make sure that your central air conditioning installation is done correctly the first time and contact an HVAC specialist whenever you notice any of the above signs. Your first instinct could save your life.

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