Shrubs, Trees And Grass What Your Home’s Exterior Design Needs To Truly Shine

Your exterior design needs a little work. Where do you get started transforming your home into something truly impressive?

Hardscaping is an art form in of itself. Not only do they require a keen eye for aesthetic, they rely on a careful balance between natural materials and a cautious hand to give you the very most your surrounding environment has to offer. Unlike building a new wooden floor they need to hold up to the elements and look good year-round, rain or snow. Your landscaping project may not look exactly like your neighbor’s, but that’s perfectly okay. You have your own needs…and a few trees for sale or shrubs can completely change how you look at your house.

The benefits of a smart hardscape project can be felt for years. Here’s how.

Did You Know?

Hardscaping and landscaping projects are taking a front seat for most homeowners today. That’s because the financial and mental health benefits of a well-constructed project are becoming more widely known. Landscaping has been found to raise your property value by an impressive 10% or more. Additional studies have also seen spending just 5% of your home’s value on a landscaping project can net you an ROI of 150%. That’s even before we get into the reduced heating costs and improved mood that a few shrubs or trees can bring.


Trees are nature’s filters. They remove harmful pollutants from the air, eliminate noise pollution and provide some much-needed shade for your home. That’s even before we get into how beautiful they are and all the color they can add to your exterior design. Strategically planting a few trees or shrubs around your property can save you over 25% on your energy bills. When paired with shrubs you can gain the full range of benefits for years to come.


Just like trees, shrubs can provide your home some relief during the hot months. Shrubs and trees should be four to six feet part from each other, with a good 10 or 12 feet between rows so they can grow without impeding you as you walk around. A recent study found over 90% of homeowners that choose to add plants to their yards prefer to choose plants that are native to their region. Shrubs are easy to install and even easier to maintain, only requiring a little trimming once in a while to look as beautiful as they did the first day.


A beautiful yard can transform a home for better…and for worse. When your yard is yellow, brown or covered in unsightly spots, it can be easy to become embarrassed when bringing over guests. A recent survey provided by the Harris Poll for the National Association Of Landscape Professionals found 65% of Americans stating professional landscaping is essential for a good yard. A healthy yard that doesn’t contribute to environmental pollution should prioritize organic lawn care and simple upkeep methods.

Starting Your Hardscaping Project

Should you get mulch for sale? What about more complex landscaping needs that involve entirely changing your backyard in favor of a new look? Hiring a landscaper will ensure your project doesn’t just reach completion…it’ll keep on giving years down the road. A survey provided by the National Association Of Landscape Professionals found nearly half of respondents admitting they wished they had hired a landscaping professional. Even experienced homeowners could use another eye on their work to make sure they don’t have to go back and start over from point A.

Hardscape materials and professional help are available to help turn your home into a point of pride again.

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