Self Storage Pods

Portable self storage

Portable self storage is the new fad in storage. Sometimes referred to as “self storage pods”, many self storage facilities have begun to offer these convenient portable units for your use. They are rented just like any other self storage area, but these self storage pods can be stored in a number of places. You can keep it in your driveway or elsewhere on your property; they can be stored in a climate controlled warehouse; you can keep it hitched to your pickup truck and bring it around with you wherever you go! The beauty of these units is in their portability, adding convenience to something that is already convenient for consumers. You get the extra space for your belongings, and you have the option to keep it within a few feet of your house. No more hassle of carting boxes back and forth from the storage unit ten minutes away. Your belongings are located close by, immediately available when you want to see, use, or look through them. Self storage pods have significant advantages, especially if you are preparing for a move. See this link for more.

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