Security Problems? Consider Surveillance Cameras

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Security camera surveillance is nowhere near as uncommon as it used to be, and with crime and terrorism at the forefront of the American consciousness, it’s becoming more socially accepted by the public. Here are three reasons that security cameras for businesses and homes can benefit your area.

    Decreased crime

    Statistics strongly support that the presence of cameras decreases crime rates. Monthly crime counts for robberies and drug-related offenses fell by almost one third in cities that installed security cameras. Another study showed that robberies and thefts were reduced by 47.4% in areas where security cameras were installed. Areas without CCTV in the same study showed practically no change in crime rates. Surveillance systems are often most effective in parking lots, resulting in a 51% decrease in crime.


    Commercial security cameras are being used increasingly to prevent crimes that threaten homeland security. Suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing were found primarily using camera footage from public places. In fact, police are relying more and more on video footage from their city’s outdoor security camera systems during criminal investigations, using the data they collect to task and deploy their officers most effectively. Security cameras for business can be a great way to make your employees feel safe if you work in an at-risk neighborhood.

    Changing views

    Security camera surveillance is becoming increasingly accepted by the general public, and in 2013, a New York Times/CBS poll revealed that 78% of the people who responded approved the use of surveillance cameras in public locations. Security cameras are also becoming more common in schools. 51% of primary schools, 73% of middle schools and 84% of high schools report using security cameras to monitor their buildings.

If your home or business is in a high-risk area, or you’re just not sure you’re as safe as you could be, it might be time to look into security cameras for businesses and homes. You can also consider security access systems for business or home security monitoring if you aren’t quite ready to install cameras.

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