Repair or Replace How to Tell Which Glass and Window Service is Right for Your Home

Energy efficent windows

The windows of our homes can provide us with great views, plenty of daylight, ventilation in the summer, and heat from the sun in the winter. However, they can also cause other issues, too, and some of those issues can be very costly. For example, windows that are more than 10 or 15 years old could be drafty, and they could cause your energy bills to increase by as much as 10% to 25% if they’re letting your heat out. Other times, damaged windows can becomes a hazard in your household. If you think you need glass and window repair or replacement, be sure to call a professional residential window repair company.

Not sure if you need home window repair
or a replacement? Here are some easy ways to tell if this service is right for your house:

1. Damage: If your windows have damage around the edges, such as on the sill, jamb, or molding, or in the upper or lower sash, it may be time for glass and window repair. Cracking or splitting along the edges of the window can cause leaks and even infestations of insects or other pests. Broken glass should be taken care of immediately, not only because of the heating or cooling your home could lose, but because of the hazard that broken glass can present. Any broken window repair or replacement should be handled by a professional in order for you to avoid an injury.

2. Inefficiency: Are your windows the cause of your high utility bills? They could be. Just as old windows can cause drafts, they can also drive up your energy costs. High performance windows with high quality glass, double glazing, or other features can help reduce your energy costs significantly. In some cases, your windows can be repaired if you have lose latches or other issues that can cause drafts. Most of the time, however, it’s best to just get them replaced.

3. Other issues: If your windows don’t open due to damage or age, it’s time to get glass and window repair or to purchase new ones. Having non-functioning windows can be a serious danger to you and your family, since windows are needed to provide ventilation from fumes and must open in case of an emergency. If the windows can’t be repaired, get them replaced immediately. Also, if your windows just look outdated, replacing them can add serious value to your home, on average about $7,857! Windows can give the interior and exterior of a home a serious facelift.

Have questions about what broken or cracked window repair or replacement can do for your home? Be sure to contact an installation service as soon as possible or leave a comment below. More research here.

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