Protect Your Family and Your House with Regular Electrical Inspections

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If you’re not sure when to call a professional electrician, there are several circumstances under which you should do so. In some instances, however, it will be obvious when you need an electrician to take care of electrical wiring repairs.

How old is your home? If it was built within the past ten years, you may want to have an inspection to determine that all the wiring is working properly. If it’s at least 40 years old, then you should definitely have an electrical inspection, according to the Electrical Safety Foundation International. The wiring in some older houses may not be up to code, and as a result, you would need to have electrical wiring repairs to prevent potential hazards.

Do you have any outlets that don’t work? Do you ever receive a shock when plugging in an electrical device? These are both strong indicators that you may have issues with your electrical wiring. Be sure to check your electrical cords, too, as when frayed or otherwise damaged, these can also cause issues.

Electrical inspections are also recommended when you’ve recently remodeled or renovated your home. Are you planning to purchase any major appliances? If so, it’s important to have a qualified electrician ensure that they are properly installed and connected to outlets that can handle their voltage.

While home fires have a variety of causes, many are due to faulty wiring and equipment malfunction. During 2007-2011, for example, the following percentage of fires were traced to the following electrical issues:

  • Electrical distribution or lighting equipment: 63%
  • Lams, light fixtures, and light bulbs: 20%
  • Cords and plugs: 11%
  • Transformers and power supplies: 6%

In order to protect your family and your home, it’s recommended that you have arc-fault circuit interruptors in multiple areas of your house, particularly your bedrooms. Smoke detectors should also be installed in each bedroom as well as in the hallways leading to them. If you live in a multi-storied house, there should be an additional smoke detector on each level.

Ground fault circuit interruptors are also recommended. The Consumer Product Safety Commission contends that when these are installed, they can greatly reduce the incidence of home electrocutions.

In addition to providing repairs, electricians can also offer tips on home energy efficiency. This includes providing you with information on energy-efficient appliances and lighting options.

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