New Home Improvements And Gadgets That Make Senior Living Easier

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Americans are living longer, healthier, and much more independent lives — and, for that reason, the aging in place movement is rapidly taking off. What does the movement entail? With some new gadgets and adjustments to aging Americans’ homes, seniors can reasonably and comfortably live in their family home for years to come. These gadgets and home improvements render assisted living and nursing homes unnecessary — at least for seniors with fair physical and emotional health. What home improvements help seniors stay happy, care-free, and independent?

For The Entire Home: Home-Cleaning Robots

Falls are the number one reason for senior hospitalizations. Bending or hunching over to clean can increase the likelihood of slipping and falling; seniors are also much more likely to strain or pull muscles and even break bones when regularly bending over. Just about everyone is already familiar with the Roomba (partially thanks to YouTube videos with cats, dogs, and even babies riding on top of them). Manufacturers have put out a companion for the Roomba — The Scooba — that more or less works the same way, only it mops floors on its own.

For The Bathroom: Walk In Bathtubs With Showers And Temperature-Sensitive Shower Heads

Bathroom safety for seniors is of utmost importance. Once again, the bathroom is notorious for injuries — as slippery floors can easily spell accidents and falls. Walk in bathtubs with showers (or standalone walk in tubs) easily help prevent injury. Walk in tubs include handle bars, non-slip floors, detachable shower heads, and other safety features. Most include a door with a hinge and tight seal, saving aging Americans the trouble of climbing over the high-edge of a bathtub. Seniors can also purchase shower heads that will automatically sense too-high temperatures and turn off to prevent burns.

Aging in place is more than possible, thanks to new gadgets and home improvements. Walk in tubs and cleaning robots offer aging Americans freedom and independence as well as accessibility and convenience. Find out more at this site:

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