Mini Split Heat Pumps The Advantages of Ductless Heating

Some years back, the window-type air conditioner was the go-to choice for every single consumer looking to buy an air conditioning system for their home. Today, mini split AC units are slowly taking the lead for commercial and residential applications. Initially, mini split AC was thought to be costly and more suitable for commercial applications.

However, this notion has subsidized consistently as this unit has proved to be a good choice for both large and small rooms, especially where the ductwork system could not work. Most of the homes which use air conditioners—more than 66% in the United States—are now using ductless air conditioner due to the following benefits.

1. Easy to Install

Installation is quite an event when it comes to air conditioning systems with ductworks. All the complicated ducts have to be installed throughout the room. On the other hand, a ductless air conditioner does not have all the ductwork, thus easy to install. It is more compact, which means that it requires a smaller hole for the conduit. Easy installation process means less installation time and expenses.

2. Less Energy Loss

From the technical point of view, mini split AC does not have ductworks, which means less energy loss. There is more than 30% energy loss in air conditioners with ductworks, which explains the high cost of energy in homes with these units. However, in a ductless air conditioner, all energy goes straight into the unit making it one of the most efficient AC systems out there.

3. Individual Zoning

Individual zoning is an important aspect when it comes to heating and cooling of houses. Most of the air conditioning installations, especially with ductworks do not offer zoning options. However, a ductless heating system offers individual room heating and cooling. You get an option of cooling the rooms you are using while at the same time-saving energy by switching off the unit in other rooms. It is a cost-effective option as compared to a centralized air conditioner, which does not offer zoning options.

4. Quiet Operation

In portable and window-type air conditioners, there is a lot of noise, which is uncomfortable. The motor is located inside the room where it generates a lot of noise. However, for mini split air conditioners, the motor is located far from the indoor unit. The two units, indoor and outdoor, are far apart, which means that there is no noise from the motor, making it the most preferred for offices and homes.

5. More Aesthetic Options

Many homeowners are specific when it comes to the aesthetics of the air conditioner under consideration. People who want their homes to look sleek and technologically inspired use ductless unit. There is no ductwork that makes an AC unit to look big while at the same time taking large spaces in the house. A mini split AC unit is sleek-looking and comes with technology jackets that make it look good for modern homes.

6. Better Environment

The ductless air conditioner is known to be very efficient in energy consumption, which helps in reducing carbon footprint in the house. The fact that you can zone where the system should cool or heat helps in energy saving, which is good for your pocket and environment. It is common knowledge that mini split system uses less energy, which is a step towards environmental sustainability.

7. Customization Options

Another great feature in the mini split AC system is the ability to customize various options. Modern systems are coming up with features like built-in sleep functions and timers which give homeowners control over when to heat their premises. Traditional furnaces don’t have customization options, which lead to excess loss of energy.

If you are looking forward to buying a heating system, mini split AC system is the best alternative for you. From the benefits highlighted above, you can be sure that you will be getting an air conditioner that will fit into your tastes and preferences. For ductless system installation and repair, contact Carlson Duluth Co. for professional services.

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