Learn When to Call for Foundation Repair Services

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When do you need foundation repair services? How do you know when a crack or an unlevel surface is simply a cosmetic issue and when it is the sign of a serious foundation issue? It can be hard, as a home or business owner, to make those decisions. You may not want to spend the many on foundation repair if the problem is simply cosmetic. However, if there are serious foundation issues, you certainly do not want not ignore them.

If there are cracks in your foundation that are over one-fourth of an inch wide, you should call for foundation repair services. If you have cracks in block or brick steps, you should have them looked at by a professional. These may be signs of foundation issues that shouldn?t be ignored.

There are a variety of factors that can negatively impact your foundation. For example, according to the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), floods are the number one disaster in the United States. A flood can cause irreversible damage to a property. In 2013 alone, almost 27% of all homeowners? insurance claims were due to water damage.

There are things you can do to preserve or protect your foundation from preventable or ongoing damage. IF you have experienced flooding in your home, get all organic materials such as bedding, towels, and upholstery out. If you can’t get them dry within 48-hours, throw them out to avoid mold growth. Getting them out of the affected area will make it easier to get the area dried out.

In order to prevent the growth of mold, it is essential to get your basement cleaned out and dry in 24 to 48 hours. According to one survey, over 98% of homes with basements will experience some form of water damage. It is best to be prepared for that and work to avoid it. There are things you can do to help avoid water damage.

First, the soil surrounding your house’s foundation should slope at least six inches for every 10 horizontal feet. This prevents the development of standing water around your foundation.tanding water can quickly lead to damage. Additionally, all plants should be planted at least two feet from the foundation of your house, and low in the ground. Once again, this is to prevent standing water from collecting around your foundation.

Taking care of your foundation; repairing foundation cracks, waterproofing a wet basement, and repairing foundation leaks as quickly as possible will help to preserve the integrity of your foundation. Foundation repairs can get expensive, but if you fix the small problems before they become big problems, you can save yourself time and frustration. Foundation repair services can provide you with peace of mind knowing you sill have a solid foundation.

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