Know What Kind of Flooring You Want and Why You Want It

Flooring ideas for a basement

Surprisingly, floors can really make or break the potential sale of a home or apartment. People can often tell the difference between faux hardwood flooring and real hardwood flooring. And while linoleum floor installation may be the cheapest, some renters and homeowners consider it cheap and worry the landlord or previous owners are trying to skimp on costs. High quality and beautiful carpeting can be a huge asset to a home, while stained or old carpeting can take dollars off and turn a potential renter or homeowner away. It all depends on quality, the home’s aesthetic, and of course, personal preference, but here’s things you should know about your floors.
Hardwood Floors
Hardwood floors are often preferred by homeowners and design shows, for their classy and finished look. They can add mega amounts of value to a home. Some popular woods for hardwood flooring include ones on the softer end of the hardness scale, like pine and fir, which are between 600-900. Others may like hardwood because it doesn’t tend to trap dust mites, molds, or other allergens that make their lives a misery. This leads to better air quality in the house as well. One downside to hardwood floors is that although they’re easy to clean, they can be difficult to keep looking nice without quality care.
Linoleum Flooring or Laminate Flooring
Linoleum floor installation is one of the cheaper floor installation options out there, and although it often gets a bad rap, it’s also true that a a good linoleum floor installation can last as long as 40 years. Warranties for this type of flooring often extend 25 years. It is low cost and can come in many different variations — some linoleum can mimic tile or other types of flooring materials and is very forgiving. It can bounce back well and isn’t as hard for bare feet or people sitting down as hardwood is, for example. However, its easy discoloration and tendency to be torn or scratched easily without proper coverings can turn some people off.
Carpets can be functional in a variety of ways. They provide plush and softness for walking, sitting, or laying on, can cover up bad floors, protect new floors, and add a pop of color or texture into a room. Indeed, almost 70% of floors in America are covered by carpeting. It’s especially popular in places like bedrooms or living rooms. Almost 45% of homeowners say they like a carpet in a bedroom. If a carpet is treated well, it can last for 10 years or even longer. Although stains used to be a huge issue with carpets and children, most stains can now be taken out with some vigorous scrubbing and cleaning agents. They’re good to cushion a fall as well — important if you have small children or the elderly in the home. However, they do tend to trap allergens and molds if not taken care of and cleaned properly and can look dingy and worn out after hard use.
Each different type of flooring appeals to various tastes and aesthetics. It’s important to know the pros and cons of each type though, before you make your ultimate decision.

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