Just How Desperate Are You For That New Couch?


So, you’re moving into a new place, and the only problem is, you have nothing to fill it with. Sure, you have lots of stuff, but no furniture to put all that stuff on/in/near, and you’re wondering where to buy furniture. Furniture has been a part of our lives ever since our ancestors decided to put down their clubs and spears and set up a permanent home. After all these years of being spoiled, it’s kind of hard to go back to just sitting on rocks or stools or worse yet – the floor. Just how desperate are you for a new couch? Here are your options of where to buy furniture, presented in ascending order of desperation.

  1. Furniture Stores – You know the drill: You browse the living room setups on the showroom floor, with a salesperson breathing down your neck. You sit in every single chair, and they are all so comfortable. You’re completely overwhelmed, until finally you just give up and buy whatever the salesperson pesters you into buying.
  2. Online Retailers – There are online furniture retail stores from which you can order furniture, and have it delivered to you. Not only does this mean you can buy furniture from stores that are nowhere near where you live, but finding the best furniture online means you can order a new couch from the comfort of your old couch! You don’t have to deal with pushy salespeople, and you don’t even have to put real pants on!
  3. Rent-to-Own – Want something nice but worried your budget won’t allow it? Try renting-to-own! You can get something just as nice, but pay for it in installments, over time. Which is okay, if you want to add another monthly payment, for your couch, to your budget.
  4. Furniture Outlets – Furniture outlets are a great alternative to regular furniture stores. A lot of times, you can find the same furniture (with factory imperfections you likely won’t even notice), for a much much lower price. Everything from kitchen tables to armchairs to couches (or sofas, depending on how European you are) are available for a fraction of the original price.
  5. Garage Sales/Community Postings – Scope out some local garage sales for furniture for dirt cheap. Plus, if it’s the last day of the sale, you’ll be able to haggle them down to a much lower price. There’s always Craigslist, where you can see what people in your area are selling. But beware of bed bugs, people.
  6. Bug Your Family – It’s the cheapest option, and at least you know where it’s been. Grandma’s not using that couch anymore, but think of how much use you’ll get out of it! That armchair in Dad’s office is just gathering junk. Take it – it’s yours! You’ll probably want to ask if you can take these things, but if not, at least family is more likely to be forgiving, and less likely to press charges.

There are plenty of options for finding the right pieces to fill your home. Now that you know where to buy furniture, or maybe borrow, or just take it, you’ll be able to work on planning the layout of your lovely new abode.

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