Is Your Attic Costing You a Fortune? How to Lower Heating and Cooling Costs for Your Home

Heating and air conditioning repair

The HVAC industry — heating, ventilation, and air conditioning — employs over 300,000 people and nets over $70 billion every year, and it is poised for major growth. Every year in the last six years, the entire industry increased production and output by over 4%. With over 85,000 HVAC contractors across America, it is important to pick professionals who will give fair prices and perform accurate, needed work.

Heating and air conditioning contractors should all provide HVAC certification in advance of any diagnostic procedure or repairs. HVAC companies who do not have certification or who cannot produce printed documentation of certification should not be allowed in the home or contracted to perform HVAC repair.

The benefits of having regular maintenance on HVAC systems are measured in hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. The installation of equipment that turns the heat off when homeowners are away can save more than $150 a year. Changing filters regularly — at least four times yearly — can also contribute to savings on the electric bill.

Changing filters also has health benefits: pet dander or home cleaning chemicals can linger in a house’s airways, causing health problems for the owner’s family. Making sure that top and bottom floors of the home are circulating air properly can also reduce energy bills.

If installed properly, a reliable heating and air conditioning unit should last over a decade. Contracting with professionals with a good reputation and verifiable track record is essential; HVAC problems can cause sickness and cost the homeowner as much as a used car every year.

Always be present in the home when heating and air conditioning contractors come to do a diagnosis, and walk the technician through the inside of the home, pointing out problems and concerns. A willingness to address problems as they occur could save the homeowner from having to do a total renovation in the future.

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