Install a Deck Awning to Get More Out of Your Outdoor Space

If you own a home, having one or more awnings can make it look and feel cozier. Whether you are getting a first awning or an awning replacement, you need to shop for the hardware and awning cloth covering to find an awning that is just right for your door or window. The awning cover material should be one that is durable and that looks good on the outside of your house. The colors shouldn’t clash with the wall color, and it usually shouldn’t have a busy pattern on it. It should look like just another part of your home.

With an awning doors exterior to the house shouldn’t be a highly contrasting color. The object isn’t to make the awning stand out but to make it blend in. An awning on a house can give you a lot of shade when you go outdoors. They are perfect for giving kids plenty of shade when they’re playing as well as controlling how much light is coming in through the door or window. Awnings give a home a quaint, cottage look that is a classic type of styling. You can even change your awning’s cloth cover with the seasons if you like.

Retractable patio screenMany homeowners love investing time and resources into perfecting their home and making it even better than it already is. One great way to do this is with a room expansion or an addition of some kind. It may be a garage or extra room but another popular option is adding on a deck. Working with custom deck builders who know what it takes to get a deck built right can help you add more usable space to your home while also increasing its value. For someone who has never built a deck before it is best to leave it to the professionals and work with them to design the deck that you and your family can enjoy and fall in love with. While prices can vary, you generally do not want to go with the cheapest decking options you can find as it usually means the quality is not going to be as high. Quality materials must be used to make a deck that is durable and safe and lasting. The same goes for the furniture as you can buy composite boards for some areas of the deck construction as well as investing in composite boards for outdoor furniture decor as well.

Love backyard barbecues, but don’t have enough shade in your backyard to enjoy the summer months before the sun goes down? Have a nice new deck that you can’t use all the time because it just gets too hot during the summer? Tired of having to bring your dog – and the kids, for that matter – back in the house because it’s too hot outside?

If any of these problems happen regularly, you might want to think about investing in deck awnings. For the most part, awnings for decks are an overhang attached to the exterior of the wall of the home. They provide shade from the sun and make it much easier for homeowners to enjoy their outdoor spaces, no matter what the weather is like.



There are several options that you can choose from if you want to cover your deck, and because every property is unique, there might not be one that is right for everyone. While some might want permanent sun awnings that are strong enough to be left open all year, others might prefer an adjustable one that can be raised and lowered depending on the day. Though that might seem like a bit of a pain, homeowners can simply buy motorized awnings that are controlled with just the flip of a switch. They could be the perfect choice if you want shade during parties but want to soak up the sun’s rays to get a tan on other days.



Though they might be the most popular addition, awnings for decks are hardly the only item that can be added to a deck to make it more comfortable. Of course, nice furniture and seating are a must, but additions like screens, lighting, and patio shades that help define an outdoor space, can also be used. They can all be combined and used together to create a custom outdoor space that is great for many different occasions.



Awnings for homes and patios can be used for more than just enjoying your backyard during the summer months. In addition, they can be quite helpful when it comes to keeping your home cool. They help keep the sun from pounding on the wall of the home all day long, and if they are added to thick, lightly colored curtains, they can make a big difference. Sometimes, pumping the AC all day is the only way to keep a home comfortable, but awnings for decks can help cut the costs of doing so. Their ability to serve multiple purposes makes awnings a worthwhile investment. Continue your research here.

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  1. Awnings are overrated. I used to have one on the back of my house and it was just as hot as it was before I got one.

  2. Awnings are overrated. I used to have one on the back of my house and it was just as hot as it was before I got one.

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