I’m Tired Of Birds Lowering My Property Value Is There A Way I Can Keep Them Off My Lawn?

Your property needs to look good at all times. This is how you not only get people to visit, but people to stay.

You make sure to keep the sidewalks and driveways free of snow. You regularly check the lawns for the right amount of water to keep them lush and green. When it comes to stubborn geese, you’ll need more than just a leafblower. Bird repellent gel is a necessary element of a clean property, providing an eco friendly way of getting rid of pests without ruining the environment. If you’re not familiar with geese control methods, consider looking below.

Knowing how to get rid of Canadian geese on your property is a mixture of smarts and good tools.

Geese Exhibit Unique Behavior Compared To Other Birds

It’s best not to assume when it comes to animal species. You might be surprised by how much they differ, despite their similar appearance. Many populations of Canadian geese don’t migrate, instead living their lives year-round in a single location. Bird repellent gel is thus one of the most common tools used by property managers and homeowners today. Without it you might find yourself in a constant position of cleaning, getting frustrated, then cleaning again.

Your Property Says A Lot About What You Have To Offer

Why do you go to such lengths to keep your properties clean? Because first impressions are everything. A recent study found a first impression can be formed in seven seconds or less, lasting for years even if second and third impressions are better. A consistently clean and attractive property will go a long way in improving curb appeal and customer relation. Bird scat, feathers, and unwanted flocks, obviously, will have the opposite effect.

The Environment Is An Individual And Societal Responsibility

You don’t have to worry about geese control methods affecting nearby animal or plant populations. Bird repellent gel is designed, first and foremost, to act as an eco friendly alternative to outright removal. Canadian geese have increased significantly these past 50 years, partially due to the ability to adapt to many of our landscaping practices. When you take into account man-made ponds, lakeside lawns, and athletic fields? It’s not surprising why so many are attracted to our homes.

Deterrents Are Highly Effective Compared To Removal Methods

While some might consider pest control services, these are far from the answer. The goal is to live harmoniously with the animal species that keep the environment in careful balance. It’s estimated Ohio alone is home to 100,000 geese, spread across its over 80 counties. Bird repellent gel is designed to be safe, yet disliked, perfect for keeping feathered customers at bay. You can use a wide variety of goose repellent products, too.

Bird Repellent Gel Is A Simple And Long-Lasting Solution

When you’re noticing scat on your signs or feathers on your lawns, your next course of action is to look up bird repellent gel. Geese have been known to cause significant damage not just to signs and fences, but turf grass and various leafy surfaces. This is due to their foraging habits, as well as their fecal contamination (which also poses a health risk). Your bird repellent gel or goose repellent pellets will change the taste of the grass, enough to discourage them from landing again. Little by little, you’ll notice a difference.

Keep your property or home looking good year-round. Invest in eco friendly goose repellent gel.

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