How Your Wallet Can Benefit from Solar Panels

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Installing solar panels is a great way to reduce your impact on the earth, but it’s also a great way to save money over time if you play your cards right. The upfront cost of solar installation can be fairly high, but you have to choose the best solar services for your situation, the price can be manageable.

Most solar services will offer several options for solar financing that suit different homeowners. You could end up paying next to nothing up front in exchange for monthly payments over time, or you could pay for the system up front and get free energy as long as the solar panels are in working condition.

Buying a system up front is often the best way to profit from your panels over time. You won’t have to pay for solar services (except for maintenance) and you may be able to reduce or even eliminate your normal electric bill over time.

Leasing a system and paying a solar energy service over time is a good option for someone who can’t afford the up front cost of a system but still wants to help the environment. You’ll also receive maintenance and support from the company as long as your lease is active.

Either option will eventually reduce your electric bills, since you’ll be generating energy from your solar panels to replace your traditional energy.

You can also seek tax rebates and benefits from your state for switching to a green energy solution. Solar arrays installed after Dec. 2011 won’t increase your property taxes, even though the value of your home will be increased by their presence.

Solar arrays can be a great selling point if you choose to sell your house, and the lease is usually pretty easy to transfer to the next homeowner.

Solar panels are dropping in price, so now is a great time to invest and see how solar energy can benefit you!
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