How To Save Money On Your Energy Bill And Water Bill This Year

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Do you worry about your energy bill? It’s more than understandable. Americans’ energy bills are higher than they’ve been in many decades, due in no small part to the country becoming increasingly digital and information-hungry. On the same note, however, more and more measures have been put out to encourage knowledge of how electric generators work to get more Americans on the path to saving money. For those that are considering installing commercial generators or just want to know how to cut into their astronomically high monthly bill with generator services, the list below will answer the more common questions to turn you into an overnight expert.

How Much Water Does The Average Home Use?

Water is used for nearly everything. Drinking, eating, washing, cleaning, you name it. So when water is wasted, that’s a valuable resource that needs to be redirected as soon as possible. Did you know the average household’s leaks can use up to 10,000 gallons of water wasted every year? On the same note, fixing easily corrected household water leaks can save homeowners at least 10% on their water bills. Consider this next time you see your shower head dripping or hear your faucet making noises in the middle of the night.

How Much Energy Do Air Conditioners Use?

We love our air conditioners…and why not? They keep us warm or cool, depending, and encourage a much more comfortable home than if we attempted to hoof it on our own. Unfortunately, these are some of the most energy-hungry creations on the planet. Heating and cooling both have been found to account for half of all energy use in a typical American home, cementing it as the superior energy expanse. If you want to lower your heating and cooling bills, try changing your air filters once per month.

What About Replacing Old Models With New Ones?

Sometimes it’s not enough to just repair what you’ve got. Sometimes you need to replace it entirely and save money in the long-term rather than the short-term. Airflow problems have been found to reduce your HVAC’s systems efficiency by up to 15%, making it harder for it to circulate the air and using up valuable electricity. Switching to a high-efficiency air conditioner, however, can cut into your bill by 50%. To know how electric generators work is to know what not to do as well as what to do.

What Are Safety Precautions I Should Know?

Safety is the name of the game. When you look up how electric generators work and what methods to take when addressing your air conditioning, you’re also looking up ways to keep your home as safe as possible. Electrical fires caused by malfunction or poor installation have been found to cost up to $1.4 billion in property damage every year. As such, remember to check your armored cable insulation every five years and to constantly replace your filters when they’re clogged with dust.

How Do I Save More Money Every Year?

Time for a quick run-down. An energy-efficient model replacing your standard HVAC system can seem expensive now, but it will save you more money than you thought possible on your bill yearly. Safety is a prime concern and little tasks, such as getting a yearly check-up and replacing your filters, can reduce your risk of fire by a massive amount. Last, but not least, fixing small leaks will provide positive consequences for your water bill. For further questions, consider asking your generator installation professional. When it comes down to it, saving money doesn’t have to just be for the experts!
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