How to Prepare for Carpet Installation

Carpet installation

One of the easiest ways to completely alter the look of a room is by installing new carpet. Installing carpet can be difficult, so it is usually best to leave the carpeting installation to the professionals. When you purchase your new carpet, the sales company will either handle the installation themselves, or can recommend a reliable carpet installer.

Of course, there are a few questions you should ask before you make your carpeting purchase. First, you will want to find out if carpet padding and carpet installation are included in the price of the carpet. Make sure you ask about a warranty on the carpet and installation, and get the appropriate paperwork for said warranty. Ask if the removal of the old carpet will be handled by the installers, or if it is your responsibility. If it is up to you, look into recycling programs in your area.

Lastly, find out if you need to use a special kind of vacuum cleaner for your new carpet. The last thing you want to do is have a beautiful new carpet installed in your house and accidentally tear it all up because your vacuum was too strong.

Once you have purchased your new carpet, you want to prepare your house for the installation. Installing carpet is difficult enough, so try to make the experience more pleasant for the installers. While they will probably remove the furniture from the rooms themselves, you should do your best to make it easy to do so. It is your responsibility as homeowner to move fragile items, unplug things that need to be unplugged, and clear shelves and surfaces of knick-knacks. If you have something extremely heavy or difficult to move, such as a piano, large aquarium, or pool table, you should also move that ahead of time.

While workers are installing carpet, leave doors and windows open and turn on fans to reduce the amount of fumes they may have to breathe. Set aside an area on your porch or deck for them to store equipment when it is not in use, and try to have extension cords available if they need them.

Installing carpet can be a great part of any home renovation. Working with your sales company and installers will make the entire process run more smoothly. Feel free to add your own carpet installation tips in the comments!

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