How to Make a Huge Backyard More Cozy and Inviting

huge backyard

A huge backyard can be both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, you can add various designs and functional features to your spacious backyard. On the other hand, turning your massive backyard into a cozy and inviting space can be a real challenge. The details in this article can help if you’re dealing with the problems presented by a big backyard. Continue below to learn how you can make your enormous backyard more accommodating!

Add Areas of Landscaping

Turning your big backyard into a cozier space requires changing many of its fundamental elements. Even your yard’s landscaping should be subject to change if you’re trying to make it more accommodating. Landscaping is a fun element of backyard décor. You can use it to transform your huge backyard in all kinds of ways.

Since the fundamental issue with your backyard is its tendency to feel empty, you should use landscaping to change that. Get in touch with lawn care services and discuss the elements you can add to give your backyard more definition. Bushes and shrubs are great for large backyards because they can cover ground and some height to that space. You can also grow them in specific spots in your backyard to break up the empty spaces.

Planting trees is also well worth considering. With so much space available in your backyard, you can dedicate a portion of it to growing some trees. Consult professionals so you can determine proper tree placement. Find that sweet spot where the trees don’t reach your home but can still provide shade and privacy.

Using natural elements to make your yard more accommodating also makes sense from a practical standpoint. Certain decorative elements require a significant amount of regular maintenance. On top of that, you may also need to purchase landscaping supplies to keep those elements in good condition. Bushes, shrubs, and trees also require maintenance, but their upkeep is less troublesome.

Your new backyard elements can also complement your existing home décor. Choose natural elements with colors that pair well with your home. Take full advantage of their features to make your property more appealing.

Build a Pond

A pond is another addition that can effectively shrink your huge backyard in a good way. Ponds work well for that specific purpose because they draw plenty of attention. Eyes are inevitably drawn to the pond, making the rest of your backyard feel cozier.

Building a pond will take quite a bit of work. You’ll have to identify the best spot for your new pond and excavate it. After that, you’ll have to add the underlayment, liner, and decorative additions. Don’t hesitate to contact professionals if you need help with that installation project.

You can also add more features to your pond to turn it into a full-fledged centerpiece of your backyard décor. Features you should consider adding to your pond include fountains, lights, and floating plants. Putting fish in your pond is also an option, but you must provide a suitable living environment for them.

Other benefits come from adding a pond to your huge backyard. For instance, your new pond can be a source of relaxation. Your pond can also become a kind of teaching tool if you have kids. Use it to teach your children about different fish and any birds that may stop by.

Of course, pond management will become a part of your routine if you install that fixture. Proper pond care involves trimming bushes, shrubs, and trees located next to it. If you have fish in your pond, you should be mindful of overfeeding them. Installing pumps and filters can also keep the water in your pond nice and clear.

Create Different Sections With Fencing

Next up, we should discuss the idea of adding fencing to your enormous backyard. Fencing can offer a permanent solution to your spacing issues. Since the problem affecting your backyard stems from the abundance of space, you can use fencing to address that. Install fences that break up the empty spaces and create a more visually intriguing backyard.

Fences excel at creating more accommodating spaces because of the stark contrast they provide. A vinyl fence looks great when set against a green backdrop. You can say the same about aluminum, composite, and wrought iron fences.

Note that you don’t always have to lean into creating contrast when using fences. You can also approach fence installation with the goal of establishing natural pairings throughout your huge backyard. Wood fences are the obvious choices for that pairing. Bamboo is a good alternative to common wood choices, and its distinctive appearance is great for creating specific themes.

Your new fences can also create separate sections. Set up a fenced area near your doorway and use it as an outdoor playground for your children. Just make sure you have a clear view of the area at all times so you can keep a close eye on what’s happening.

The sections you create with the fencing can also be useful for growing plants. Set up fencing around your vegetable patch to keep it safe from your kids and pets. You can also build fences to protect your flower patches.

Are you planning to install a swimming pool in your big backyard? If so, you should consider surrounding that pool with fencing. The fencing can prevent accidents by helping people stay upright if they slip. The fence can also stop your pets and kids from entering the pool without supervision.

Add Additional Natural Elements

Plants are not the only natural elements you can add to your spacious backyard to make it cozier and more inviting. Rocks and stones can also be beautiful additions that bring a new dimension to your backyard setting. So, how can you use rocks and stones to improve your backyard? Let’s go over your different options.

First off, you can use the rocks and stones to create natural pathways. Work with a landscape designer and create a stone pathway network that spans your huge backyard. Have fun with your stone pathways and turn them into decorative and functional additions.

Purchase the natural fixtures from a local stone supplier with a good reputation. You need high-quality stones for your natural pathways because they will have to withstand plenty of foot traffic. Don’t settle for shoddy goods that may break down earlier than expected.

You can also use the rocks and stones as borders within your backyard. Instead of installing fences, you can build retaining walls using those rocks and stones. Retaining walls feature a more rustic appearance compared to fences. They can also provide structural support, which may open the door for more interesting backyard additions.

Building furniture out of rocks and stones is another option if you wish to give your backyard a different look and feel. Pieces of furniture made from rocks and stones are ideal for outdoor settings because they can withstand the better elements. They will likely cost more than other types of furniture, but their longevity may make them worth the higher price tags anyway. Weigh those factors accordingly as you think of using rocks and stones to reshape your outdoor landscape.

Incorporate Outdoor Lighting

Lighting can either shrink or open up the outdoor portion of your property. The specific effect you get depends on how you utilize outdoor lighting. With that said, we should discuss the different ways you can use lighting to create a warmer and more enticing backyard.

Start by installing some lights along your stone pathways. Use them as borders that define those parts of your backyard setting. Those lights can prevent your backyard from looking like an endless void at night. You can even create different looks based on which pathway lights you install, so feel free to play around with different setups.

Outdoor lighting can create a more intimate setting if you have living spaces in your huge backyard. Whether you have a gazebo, pavilion, or pergola, all of those outdoor structures can benefit from some lighting. The lighting defines the upper reaches of the structure and creates a warmer environment for occupants. That setting is perfect for an outdoor dinner with your friends and family.

Installing outdoor lighting remains an option even if you don’t have a gazebo, pavilion, or pergola. Since you cannot install the lights along the top of your outdoor establishment, you can hang them from trees instead. Lights hanging from trees can create magical settings.

Adding lights to your other outdoor fixtures is also a good idea. We talked about adding lights to your pond, but they can work just as well on your swimming pool. Lights also look great near your stairways and plants.

It’s important to err on the side of caution when installing outdoor lighting. Don’t attempt those installations by yourself. Hire a local electrician and let them install your new light fixtures.

Construct a Grilling or Kitchen Area

While discussing the idea of building a pond earlier, we mentioned that it can effectively shrink your backyard because it draws so much attention. Aside from ponds, swimming pools, and fire pits, kitchens also double as great centerpieces. A brand-new kitchen can also serve as the centerpiece of your outdoor landscape.

With so much space available in your huge backyard, you don’t have to limit the size of your outdoor kitchen. Go all out and turn it into a cooking space suitable for large parties. Pair your stovetop with an outdoor grilling area so you can prepare all kinds of meals for your guests. Just make sure you find a safe spot for your propane tank to prevent accidents.

There are additional precautions you can take if you are worried about the safety of your outdoor kitchen. Start by finding a spot for your grill or stovetop that doesn’t get plenty of airflow. That way, you can prevent the wind from spreading any flames.

You should also be mindful of the electrical connections in your outdoor kitchen. Insulate all your wires and only use protected outlets. Properly positioning your wires and cables is also critical. Keep them away from any open fires and high-traffic areas to save them from damage.

Because of how expensive an outdoor kitchen can be, you may be hesitant to build one. That hesitation is understandable, but don’t forget about the other benefits an outdoor kitchen can provide. Your new kitchen can be the entertainment center of your revamped backyard. The aforementioned backyard addition can also be a long-term asset that significantly increases your property value.

Build a Patio off the Back of Your House

Lastly, building a patio can turn your huge backyard into a cozier setting. Before we get into the merits of building a patio, we should first discuss the differences between a patio and a porch. Understanding how they differ allows you to determine which addition makes more sense for your property.

Patios are living spaces typically built at the back or beside homes. They have paved floors, but you can decide whether they are covered or remain open. Because of the paving requirement, you’ll need to hire a concrete company to build a patio. Most patios are also decorated with furniture because they are often used as living areas.

Meanwhile, porches are the structures built around a home’s entryways. A standard porch has a roof that is separate from the rest of the building. Railings can serve as porch enclosures, or you can keep that structure open for easier access. Although porches are often built near front entrances, they may also be located at the side or rear portions of homes.

Given how they are constructed, patios work better than porches for entertainment purposes. Patios also provide more of a boost to your property value, and they are easier to maintain. Porches are useful because they can enhance your home security and improve its energy efficiency. Consider all those factors before deciding which structure to build.

Are you struggling to optimize your huge backyard? Hopefully, the tips in this article have helped you figure out how to get the most out of that space. Start by deciding on what might work best for your space, and continue researching those ideas. You’ll have an amazing backyard before you know it!

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