How to Keep Your Carpets Clean

Pet stain cleaning

Did you know that early Hoover vacuum cleaners were difficult to sell because people refused to believe that their carpets could contain that much dirt? Several factors can contribute to dirty carpets, including animal hair, animal urine, and cigarette smoke, so it is important to thoroughly clean your carpets whenever they become too dirty. Even dirty air ducts cause rugs to become soiled, so air duct cleaning tools are needed to rid your vents of any harmful dust, dirt, and debris.

When a furnace or air conditioner turns on, it blows air through the ducts. This air is then distributed throughout the house, and if the air is dirty, it soils the carpets. In fact, several pounds of dirt can actually accumulate in and under carpets every year. In order to help prevent this from happening, an air duct cleaning machine is needed. This type of machine will thoroughly clean your vents, which will remove all contaminants from the air. Without these contaminants circulating around your house, your carpets will not get as dirty.

Although an air duct cleaning machine will effectively clean out your vents, it will not correct any damage that has already harmed your carpets. As a result, carpet cleaning companies will meticulously clean your carpets from top to bottom, removing all dirt, debris, and harmful cigarette smoke from them. Since cigarette smoke contains carcinogens that are harmful to pets and children, it is important to remove this hazard from your carpets immediately. Although it is commonly believed that professional carpet cleaning will shrink carpets, the synthetic materials used in carpets will actually prevent this from happening.

If your carpets become too dirty, you have the option of changing them. When you replace an old carpet, your new one should be aired outside for at least 72 hours to reduce the risk of harmful compounds affecting the air in your home. Carpets can also be cleaned professionally, but in order to eliminate contaminants from your home, an air duct cleaning machine is needed. By using this type of machine, your vents will be thoroughly cleaned, and this will help prevent your carpets from becoming dirty. Visit here for more.

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