How to Hire a Good Contractor

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When your old HVAC system quits on you and it’s time to get a new one, chances are you probably don’t have a regular contractor to replace your equipment. This is probably the most important part of getting a new system. You have to make sure you get someone you can trust. Choosing the wrong contractor can end up with you getting a system that doesn’t work and doesn’t save you money on your monthly bills. Even worse, the system will fail all together, way before its time. You have to get a contractor that will help you get the right size system for your house, install it correctly and solve any problems your duct system might have right now. The worst part about having a bad contractor, is if for some reason your system breaks and you need emergency air repair, chances are, the contractor will take their time getting to you and won’t consider it an emergency at all. Here are a few tips to make sure you pick an honest and experienced contractor.

Not All Contractors are Created Equal
This is the one you want to think about the most. Most contractors are honest but unfortunately, there are some plain dishonest contractors. A TV show recently placed hidden cameras in the number of companies and found that not only for the contractors lying and stealing but many times would commit blatant fraud. Thankfully however, this is not the majority. Most contractors are as honest as they can be but many just don’t have the ability to properly help the individual customer.

Try to find a company that sees the benefit in investing in training and staying on the cutting edge of technology while remaining ethical and honest. These places will have a very high level of client satisfaction so taking a look at their customer reviews would be a good way to find out. Companies that place their customers first will be well equipped not only with tools and knowledge but with manpower. They are the ones that will be able to perform emergency air repair at a moments notice.

Find a well established company
To avoid risking your safety on a half decent job here are some questions to ask prospective contractors:

  1. How long has your company been around?
  2. Are you registered or licensed?
  3. What insurance do you provide?
  4. Are all of your technicians certified?
  5. Is your company a member of the national trades association?
  6. Have you done any other work in my neighborhood?
  7. If so, can you provide satisfied reviews?
  8. Do you offer 24 hour emergency air repair service?
  9. Do you have a refund policy?
  10. Do you have a home office?

These questions will let you know if they are a reliable air conditioning company and how does run. Do not take their word when they tell you they are certified and licensed. Check them yourself before signing anything and find out with the Better Business Bureau if they have any unresolved complaints.

Don’t take a quote without a test

The contractor that will give you a quote about repairing an air conditioning unit without performing any kind of diagnostic testing should be immediately rejected. If the contractor will give a quote without testing he is or is not sufficiently trained and doesn’t know that there could be underlying problems or he simply doesn’t care.

Name Brand is not always the best brand
Just because the company is known by its brand or name does not guarantee you’ll get a contractor who is just as good. Find out if a company stands by its contractors or if they hire freelance contractors. Freelance contractors will not be covered under the company’s brand.

Questions are good.
This is true on your part and your contractors part. If you ask about emergency air repair a sign of a good contractor is someone who will you ask clarifying questions before giving you a definite answer. This does not include skirting the issue and beating around the bush, as long as the conversation ends in an answer you know that the questions the contractor was asking was to ensure that he gave you an honest and correct answer.

Follow your gut when it comes to decisions like these. Use the information and knowledge you have and let your instincts do the rest.

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