How To Design a Kitchen That Will Stand Out

Kitchen cabinetry

The world is full of carbon copies. Towns across the United States host strip malls that include a Wal-Mart, a TGI Fridays and a McDonalds. You could travel throughout the country only to have the same pre-fabricated experience in each place you visit. People are hungry for any kind of differentiation and your home is a great place to start when looking to provide that.
More than 7.5 million homeowners will update their kitchen in the United States this year. Some will purchase a pre-boxes option of kitchen cabinetry and kitchen design. Others will think outside of the box and invest time in selecting a custom cabinetry design. Below are the steps you’ll want to take before launching into kitchen design and remodeling.
Assess Your Wants and Needs
The National Kitchen and Bass Association suggests that people should spend around six months planning before breaking into a project. During this time, assess what you like and dislike about your kitchen. Do you want more casual eating space? Is cabinet space important to you? Do you feel like you have enough space to prep? Is the lighting in your kitchen sufficient for your purposes? Make a list of must-haves and stick to them. Once you get out onto the market, a million options will fly your way. Having an idea of what you want will keep you budget from hemorrhaging.
Check Out Your Bones
Some parts of your kitchen are superficial, while other parts are quite costly to change. For example, the placement of your plumbing pipes may dictate your layout. Get to know where the bones of your kitchen are so that you can choose a layout with the bones in mind. When doing kitchen remodeling, you can certainly change some of these “bones” characteristics, but keep in mind that it could be costly.
Create a Budget
This may sound like the part where all the fun stuff gets axes – but it’s not! There are a myriad of options when you renovate and you can have everything you want. You just have to choose the level of finishes that fit into your budget. Appliances and counter tops should be take up the bulk of your money. Try butcher block counter tops to save money or lower end appliances. If you have a little money to play with, custom cabinetry design is a fun and creative way to accentuate your kitchen.
Kitchen design is fun and exciting! Don’t take all the fun out by opting for a pre-fixed option. Set yourself apart from your neighbors by thinking up a custom cabinetry design.
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