How to Clean and Protect Your Carpets from Dirt

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Dirt doesn’t just make your carpets look unattractive. It can also damage them over time and severely shorten their lifespans.

When dirt lands on a carpet, it doesn’t stay on the surface. Every time you walk across your carpet, you’re grinding those dirt particles deeper into the fibers of your carpet. This can create tiny cuts in the yarn.

As a result, every time you vacuum, you’re picking up shreds of your carpet along with dirt. Carpets that are subjected to too much of this will start looking threadbare, dull, and matted down. They’ll also be easier to stain.

Dirt can also find its way underneath your carpet. When this happens, walking on your carpet will grind dirt between the carpet backing and padding. This can break up the backing over time and cause your carpet to slowly disintegrate.

There are several carpet cleaning solutions and tactics you can employ protect your carpets from dirt damage. Here are just a few carpet cleaning tips to prevent dirt buildup.

Be sure to vacuum regularly. If you can suck up dirt before it has time to grind into your carpet, you’ll have a better chance of minimizing damage. Vacuum entryways and other high-traffic areas at least twice a week, and vacuum the rest of your carpets once a week.

When you do vacuum, start with a clean filter or bag for maximum effect. When bags, dirt cups or filters are full, they can slash the suction power of your vacuum in half. In fact, many bagless vacuums stop working when their filters haven’t been changed frequently enough. You should wash filters at least once every three months, and replace the bags in your vacuums as soon as they’re about three quarters full.

You can remove the most dirt by vacuuming slowly and making several passes over an area. The ideal amount for high traffic areas is two slow passes. Several fast passes will be much less effective.

You can also install mats at entryways to confine dirt to certain areas of the house.

Don’t be afraid to call in carpet cleaning services if you need them. Carpet cleaning companies have tools and tricks that can remove dirt on a deeper level than your vacuum. Carpet cleaning companies can also protect your carpets from stains.

Contact carpet cleaning companies in your area if you’re worried dirt is endangering your carpet.

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