How Pure Is Your Drinking Water?

Pentek water filters

The mission of the U.S. Governments Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is to protect human life. The EPA strives for this by instituting and enforcing laws and mandates that reduce environmental risks. In spite of the EPAs efforts, however, there are still some things that slip through the cracks. Your drinking water may be one of them.

Even if your drinking water is clean, per se, it is beneficial to add another layer of filtration before human consumption, such as Omni water filters. This is because although ninety percent of our nations drinking water supply meets the EPAs standards, studies show that 15 percent of public water supplies are still contaminated with some form of bacteria. Filtration systems such as Omni water filters, an American plumber water filter, or Pentek water filters can clean your water with non chemical filtration treatments.

Ideally, filtered water via Omni water filters eliminates all of the potential contaminants that could show up in your drinking water, including arsenic, e coli, cryptosporidia, chlorine, and lead. These are only a few of the more than 80 contaminants that the EPA regulates. One filtration method, reverse osmosis, can remove up to 90 percent of inorganic chemicals that shows up in our drinking water. On the market, there are many types of filtration systems to accommodate your homes or familys needs. There are Omni water filters that purify your entire home with a whole house water filter system, there are point of use filtration systems, which reside under the sink or faucet, and there are faucet mounted and water pitcher Omni water filters as well.

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