How Much Help Do You Need When You Move?

Each year a little over 11% of Americans move, although most aren’t moving far. One 2017 study found that as many as 62% of movers stayed in the same county. Yet it doesn’t matter the distance you are moving, what matters is how well prepared you are to pack up your stuff. A prepared mover is more likely to have a lower level of stress during the process. Here’s how you can be one of them.

What’s the Key to Stress-Free Moving?

Having a plan is a key ingredient when planning a move, whether it’s a local move or long distance move. Planning includes: deciding how much you’ll do yourself, and which company to hire for help. Even if you want to do almost everything yourself, it is likely you’ll need some sort of large vehicle at the very least.

To Hire Moving Companies Or Not: How to Decide.

Most people are short on time. This is evident by how we spend. Consider what you spend money on. Do you order fast food, go to restaurants, have a cleaning service, or take your clothes to a dry cleaner? It’s probably in part due to lacking the time or energy to do these things yourself.

It isn’t much different when it comes to moving companies. Some movers dislike the idea of hiring someone else to move their stuff. Perhaps these movers are even fairly physically fit. But the question is not whether you can successfully lift your coach, abet with some assistance. The question is, how much is your time worth?

How to Pack: Hire Someone Else, Or Go In With Plenty of Supplies.

If the thought of carefully wrapping your dishes and cutlery in protective paper or bubblewrap makes your eye twitch, it might be a good idea to hire moving companies that offer packing up services. Actually, this service is great for those with limited mobility or who tire very easily. There’s also no shame in having a company take care of this tedious task if you’d prefer.

Of course, you can choose to take care of the packing up on your own. In this case it is wise to have plenty of supplies on hand. This includes scissors, tape, packing paper or bubblewrap, a marker or two, and of course boxes.

Try to find a store that will buy back the boxes you don’t use. While it isn’t necessary of course, knowing you won’t waste any boxes does relieve the stress of ordering exactly the right amount. It also will save you trips back and forth to the store if you underestimate and run out.

People generally move less often as they grow older. Moving companies offer a variety of services to accommodate movers of all ages and house sizes. Some people just want a cheap truck to rent, while other people see the wisdom in having someone else take care of packing and delivery. Easily the most important decision is to make a decision early on, to simplify the process.

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