How Do Traditional HVAC Systems Differ for Data Centers?

Heating and cooling systems, which are better known as HVAC systems, serve an important purpose in several homes and businesses across the country and the world. These systems are responsible for keeping people, animals, and equipment at an optimal temperature. While HVAC units can range in sizes and price ranges, many of them also have different purposes. From data center air conditioning to a regular mini split system inside your home, HVAC systems can accomplish a wide variety of temperature oriented tasks. In this informative video, we’ll take a look at how HVAC systems work different when they are placed inside of a data center.

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Clearly, data centers are an important part of many companies’ security and recordkeeping. Giant data centers can be found in all areas of the country, and are often indistinguishable from regular buildings. These giant areas house tons of computer data and files. The HVAC systems in a data center need to be very precise and perfect in order to prevent the units from getting too cold or too hot, which may harm the data storage process. These systems generally work by sending hot air up into the ceiling, preventing it from blowing directly on the data shelfs.


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