Home Inspections Are An Essential Ingredient To A Happy Home When To Call An Inspector

Home inspections shouldn’t be a chore. They’re actually a great way to feel more secure in your new place!

Think about the last time you settled into a new apartment and found a few things that weren’t on the up and up. You might have had to take some photos and send them to the manager to assure them you didn’t damage the place upon moving in! Inspections are how we make sure living spaces are not just beautiful, but safe for you and yours. New-construction inspection is even more essential, since leftover bits and things can be littered about the complex. In fact, before you get comfortable in your new home…

…let’s take a look at home inspection services and how they’ll help you settle in properly!

Rather than scare you with a bunch of fear facts, let’s just take a look at common hazards in homes and how they’re spotted. One you’ve probably heard of is radon gas, a naturally occurring chemical that has been found in millions of American homes over the years. Unable to be detected through smell or odor, this is one area you’ll definitely want to get an inspection on. Left unchecked it can increase your risk for short-term health complications like breathing difficulties, rashes, and congestion. Long-term risks include lung cancer!

That’s not all you’ll have to consider. Newly constructed homes have a higher probability of having a few leftover bits, such as chipped paint, nails, splinters, chemicals, and dirt. Even if you aren’t bringing children or pets into the home…this is something you’ll want to buff out as soon as possible! According to a recent study over 90% of American homeowners believe a home inspection is an absolute necessity. Home inspection services give you a better ‘lay of the land’, so to speak, and allow you to put your energy toward the most important things first.

It’s tempting to jump straight into home renovation, but resist the urge! Home inspection services will ensure you’re not accidentally covering up health hazards with new furniture. A recent study asked homeowners what they thought about commercial building inspection — up to 70% of those surveyed stated their home inspection helped them avoid potential repair and health issues. The average home inspection today requires an upwards of 500 data points. What does this entail, you ask?

Consider your points as a sort of checklist, all designed to make sure your home is good to go. One list might focus on clearing up your fireplaces and ensuring they won’t clog or break down. Another list might focus on the floorboards and whether they have any old, leftover paint. Home inspection services are, at the end of the day, your most thorough barrier between you and an accident. A nationally certified master inspector has seen plenty of homes like yours before and will go the extra mile to give you that peace-of-mind you paid for.

You’re eager to set up shop in your new home. You’re also not sure if it’s safe enough for you and yours. Fortunately for you, there are more than enough commercial building inspectors out there ready to lend a helping hand. Your average home inspection takes just two to four hours to perform — longer inspections are usually for particularly large or particularly old homes. Not only will this keep you safe from harm, it’ll also help you plan out your interior and exterior design goals for the future.

Home inspection services are a vital part of being a successful, happy homeowner. Call your local home inspector and ask for a check-up this year so you can move on with your life!

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