Heating and Cooling by the Numbers

Newtown heating and air conditioning

How much do you know about the heating and cooling system in your house? Check out these numbers below — they may just surprise you!

60 to 70 degrees: The temperature range (in Fahrenheit) between which you can lower your energy bills by about five percent for every one degree that you lower your thermostat during the winter months. That means that lowering your thermostat from 70 degrees to 68 degrees could save as much as ten percent of your energy costs. Knowing that now, it doesn’t seem like such a crazy idea to lower the temperature a bit and throw on an extra sweater, does it?

54%: The average percentage, from a household’s entire utility bill, which is comprised solely of heating and cooling costs. That means that your heating and air conditioning is probably responsible for over half of your entire utility bill, if your house is anything like the average American’s house. So when you see any tips on how to save “X% on your heating and cooling costs,” that percentage saved will definitely be clear on your utility bills.

30%: The percentage of energy that you could be wasting if your HVAC system isn’t installed properly. When there are other issues present in the system, like a dirty filter or duct leaks, heating and air units have to work overtime to compensate for the inefficiency, and this could really run up your energy bill. If you don’t feel comfortable checking your HVAC system on your own (and especially if you think that something could be broken or wasn’t installed properly), commercial HVAC repair services are usually pretty easy to find, and the experts at these businesses can inspect your heating and air conditioning system to make sure that nothing is wrong. Helpful info also found here.

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