Hazardous Health Why Your Crawlspace Should Always Be Dry

What happens when you buy the perfect house, the one that you’ve seen in your dreams since you were a child. You think that it’s perfect, everything you could want in a home. Yet little by little you begin to notice marks on the celling in the basement. Just slight water stains, but they’re there looming over your head like a scarlet letter. Can you just ignore these things? Can you pretend like there isn’t a leak in your crawlspace? And if you cannot, is crawl space waterproofing something that you can look into and have done? Is waterproofing something difficult? Or is it something that is vital to both your home and your health? Let it be known, that crawl space waterproofing is in fact something that you can handle, and it is also something that will keep you and your family healthy through the duration of living in your dream home.

Having a dry basement is important. Though if you do have water damage do not think that there is something wrong with the home you just bought. In fact, 98% of homeowners have basements that have at one point in time had some sort of water damage within them. This is normal, and actually it is even fixable. Calling a professional and having them take a look at the possibilities to seal your crawl space is the best idea. These professionals have experience in drains, matting, and dehumidifiers. Installing an drain system in your home could be best for crawl space water removal. It would keep nasty mold from potentially affecting your family in the long run.

Why Is Mold Such A Problem?

A plethora of health issues can come from hold growing inside of your home. These issues can be anywhere from simple coughing and sneezing to infecting our lungs with severe diseases. It is actually reported that 93% of sinus infections have been linked to homes that have a mold problem. To think that this is only a small part of the issues that can come along when crawl space waterproofing has failed your home. Doctors have reported that children and adults can both develop asthma due to these toxic molds that can grow within the crawl spaces of your home. In worst cases, there have even been links to certain cancers due to mold.

In order to keep your family healthy and mold free be sure to take care of these problems before they can hinder you and your loved ones. Water proof your basement and your crawl spaces, keep them moisture free, be sure to maintain these fixes for your home and these are health hazards that you will not have to worry about being inside of your home. Mold removal is far easier than having a mountain of medical bills from health problems formed from a basement and crawlspaces that lack waterproofing. Insure that you and your family are all safe, look into having your crawl space waterproofing and basement waterproofing done today by a licensed professional. Your lungs will thank you in the long run.

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