Has Basement Flooding Created Mold in Your Home?

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Unfortunately, it appears that the first homeowners lied in the full disclosure paper they submitted when you bought the house. The untimely three inches of rain in December overwhelmed the sump pump in your walkout basement, and the resulting water damage repair indicated that this was not a first time problem. Looking back at records that you were able to get your hands on it seems that the basement had actually flooded two other times before you purchased the house. This would have been nice to know. Nice to know before you made such an investment in this second home for your family.
Water damage repair can be costly, and in some cases, unhealthy. in the process of tearing up carpet and flooring, water damage specialists often find mold, mildew, and damage from previous water events. Mold cleaning is expensive and often requires tearing out drywall and installation if the problem has existed for awhile. Home owners and their family members who are allergic to mold can suffer the entire time of the clean up, and sometimes need to leave the house until the mold clean up service is complete.
Although Mother Nature can be the cause of many incidents of water damage, other events can be just as harmful. Burst water supply lines, exploding water heaters, and home fires can also lead to whole house water damage situations.
Over half of all the water damage incidents including a washing machine were caused by a burst water supply line. If this event happens when you are out of the house, whether it be one day for work, or one week for vacation, the damage caused by leaving a washing machine running when you leave the house can be even worse. In addition to needing a carpet restoration service, the homeowner may be repairing ceilings if the leak occurred anywhere but the basement.
In addition to a burst water pipe being the cause for water damage repair, older water heaters can also create problems. In fact, any water heater that is over five years old is more likely to burst than a new water heater. Even older showers can be the cause of unseen water damage that can build up to major problems. Homes that have showers that are older than 20 years are 37% more likely to have costly water damage.
While people rightly fear fires in their homes, the water damage caused by putting out a home fire can actually cause just as much, if not more, damage than the flames of the actual fire. Did you know that in the year 2013 there was a single home fire reported every 85 seconds? The damage caused by these fires and the water needed to extinguish the flames caused over $9 million in property damage in the year 2013.
If you find yourself in need of water damage repair for your home, make sure that you find the best water damage restoration services to make sure the clean up is both thorough and quick.

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