Hardwood Floors Three Reasons Why You Can’t Go Wrong

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Deciding how to furnish your home can be an exhausting process. What drapes should you get? How does this furniture look? Does this rug put the room together? Etc. Of the many decisions homeowners often make when refurbishing or even rebuilding their homes, one is particularly important: the flooring design. Flooring designs is a prominent component of any home decoration. And for that, having flooring companies install hardwood floors his the best option available.

There are a number of reasons to choose hardwood flooring but here are three excellent reasons to choose hardwood floors:

  1. They increase the value of your house: Hardwood flooring is known to increase the value of a house. Prefinished hardwood floors not only look great, they are in high demand. According to current research, the number of homeowners that invested in improvements in their houses increased by 7% from 2012 to 2013. The surge of home-improvement projects just goes to show how important renovation is in maintaining and selling a home. Hardwood floors can help with that.
  2. They are good for the environment: Hardwood floors are just that: wood. Wood is a renewable resource and as such is better for the environment. In fact, the United States Green Building Council recommends bamboo for flooring inlay designs because of its renewability. Other environmentally-friendly options for wood include reclaimed wood flooring and wool.
  3. They are good for the homeowner: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency states that hardwood floors improve the air quality indoors, as opposed to other flooring options such as carpet and wool. This is due to the fact that wood has less pores and spaces for dirt, allergens, dust, and other particles to burrow into than carpets, automatically clearing up the indoor air quality of any given home.

Look into local flooring companies today to find out more about hardwood floors and their installation. Continue reading here.

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