Got Pests? Don’t Give Termites Or Cockroaches Any Wiggle Room To Take Up Residence In Your Home

What does an exterminator do?

They keep your home protected from pests that could see your foundation crumbling right beneath your feet. They keep your pets and children free from diseases that can sneak beneath your doorframe. Best of all? They keep your sanity in check. Today’s homeowner has their work cut out for them trying to save money while committing to renovations and paying off bills. When you find out you have to start getting rid of termites on top of all that? You might not have any hair left to tear out of your head.

Instead of buying a few grocery store pest control products and hoping for the best, get the job done right by calling for natural pest control services.


A lot can put your house in danger. A bad storm can wreck your roof and flood your basement. A small fire can cost thousands in damages. Termites are easily one of the most destructive forces posed to the average American home. While a storm at least goes away after a few hours, termites can remain for weeks, chewing away at your foundation and putting you at serious danger for collapse. Termites damage a minimum of 600,000 residential structures in the United States today and are estimated to cause over $30 billion in damages.


Say you’re lucky enough not to need termite treatment. What’s the next worst thing? Look no further than the tiny insect that could. Ants may be small, but they can grow to incredible sizes when left unchecked. They’re all the worse during the spring and summer, when ant colonies are stirring with activity and always on the lookout for food. Ants are generally attracted to dropped food or drink, so it’s highly recommended you sweep and vacuum on a regular basis to keep them at bay. When nothing you do seems to work? Just ask…what does an exterminator do?


Some homeowners deal with trails of ants marching through their kitchen, others with termites nibbling away at their porch. Yet others deal instead with cockroaches, one of the world’s nastiest and most durable insects. Although cockroaches spend around 75% of their life at rest, they still find plenty of time to wriggle inside your home and throw your week into disarray. Attempting to handle this type of infestation on your own is highly discouraged, as a cockroach packs one heck of a punch. A cockroach is able to live for seven days without its head, as well as hold its breath for up to 40 minutes at a time.


Last, but certainly not least, we also have rats. Highly intelligent and able to slip by unnoticed, these fuzzy frustrations are always on the move for a quick snack and a place to hide. When this place is your home’s walls or beneath your bed? Ask yourself the question of the day: “What does an exterminator do?”. While a mousetrap may work in some instances, rats are a lot smarter than you realize and may circumvent them entirely in favor of finding another place to lay low. When they start having litters, that’s when your problem is just beginning…

When To Contact Commercial Pest Services

Don’t leave your home up to chance. Pests aren’t just annoying, they can actually put you and your family in danger. Whether it’s danger of your floorboards rotting away from termite exposure or diseases being carried in by cockroaches and rats, you need to reach out to a professional at the merest hint of an infestation if you want to stay in the clear. Hiring an exterminator will clear any lingering worries you have while ensuring every last pest is accounted for. Think about it…would you rather spend a little money now to get rid of a handful of cockroaches are spend far more accounting for medical bills or replacement furniture?

What does an exterminator do? They keep your house clean and your sanity in check.

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