Get Your Family Hurricane Ready In 3 Easy Steps

Hurricane preparedness guide

We all know exactly how powerful and simply monstrous hurricanes can be. But do you know how to prepare and safeguard your home and family against the devastating effects of a hurricane? Proper preparation for hurricanes is not something that many people are familiar will. Creating a hurricane preparedness plan for your family can be a matter of life and death, as they are instrumental in ensuring your family’s safety.

However, preparing your home for a hurricane doesn’t have to be stressful or difficult. The following guide illustrates quick and easy tips that will get hurricane ready in no time!

Stock up

Stock up on essential supplies, such as non-perishable food (canned goods), water for consumption and washing, batteries, flashlights, candles, matches, lighters, phone chargers, safety kits and gasoline. Keep a cooler full of ice in the event the power goes out, as well as for possible medical treatment. It’s also a good idea to keep extra cash on hand just for good measure.

Create an escape plan
Evacuation may be likely, so it’s important for your family to create a hurricane preparedness guide with a list of local aid shelters in preparation for hurricanes. If you have a pet, find shelters that are pet friendly. In addition, choose a safe location to meet in the event the family becomes separated and cannot communicate via phone. For example, you and your family may agree to meet at a certain shelter if the family becomes separated.

Prepare in advance

Preparation for hurricanes begins well in advance of a hurricane even landing. If you live in hurricane prone coastal areas, maintaining a well stocked supply of basic essentials is critical, especially during and before hurricane season. With the impending damage of hurricane, stores often run low on supplies as more and more people scramble to stock up on last minute supplies.

By follow these basic tips, you and your family can feel confident that you are hurricane ready. Proper preparation can save your life! Visit here for more information.

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