Four Ways to Spice Up Your Home Decor for Fall

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There are many ways residential interior design can shift to reflect the changing season as we move into fall, from updating modern wallcoverings to switching out window drapes and blankets. Here are a few ways you can make sure your home looks as beautiful as the season itself:

    Update Your Throw Pillows

    Throw pillows are a great way to bring seasonal color and energy to a room, and they’re easy to switch out when the seasons change again. You can even invest in seasonal covers and use the same pillows for every season. For autumn, you’ll usually want warm colors like gold, red and orange. Red can also double over as a winter or holiday color. But stay away from gaudy seasonal designs. They draw too much attention to themselves and detract from the elegance of a room.

    Bring Out Your Thick Throw Blankets

    Nothing makes a room look or feel cozier when the temperature drops than a few plush, warm throw blankets. Not only are they practical, they can also be used to enhance design elements of the room they’re placed in. Put a few throw blankets over the back of your chairs and couches to add color and comfort. Again, warm colors are great for fall, but you can even go for something a little more cool and wintry if you want to keep them out all season.

    Make Sure Your Fireplace is Ready

    If you have a fireplace, make sure it’s ready to warm your home through the cold winter months. Hire a contractor to make sure your fireplace is still well-maintained, and have someone clean it out before you light the first fire of the season. You may also want to rearrange your furniture so the focus is on the fireplace.

    Switch Out Wallcoverings, Curtains and Drapes

    Changing the way you decorate your windows and walls is a great way to update your home for autumn. Switch to insulated shades and consider heavier materials for your curtains. Velvet drapes add elegance and warmth to a room, and they can close to keep the cold out. As for your walls, many modern wallcoverings are removable and can be changed along with the seasons. Modern wallcoverings can consist of simple, elegant decals that adhere to walls and add a nice design touch to any room.

Contact an interior home designer near you to learn more about how to prepare your home for fall! Learn more about this topic here.

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