Four Fun Trends in Design Home Furnishings

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If you are in the process of building a new home or revamping and updating your existing home, here are some tasteful trends in design home furnishings to consider for beautifying your home.

Aged Wood

The unique quality of richness and patina found in aged wood makes it a particularly sought after trend that is not likely to be just another passing phase. Incorporate aged wood into your design scheme by looking for furniture fashioned out of reclaimed barn wood. Find sturdy and simplistic elegance in bed sets, vanities, buffets, tables and more that offer the rustic beauty of refurbished natural wood into your space.

Leather Furniture

Leather furniture is another timeless trend that adds comfort and luxury to suit many tastes. If the traditional leather couch and chair aren’t your thing, rest assured; modern leather furniture now comes in many new styles, shapes, and colors to complement almost any design scheme. For practical homeowners, leather furniture is ideal due to its ease of maintenance, and durability that outlasts the appeal of fabric furniture.

Practical Updates

No longer does your home design have to suffer inconveniently placed cords from your electronics. New furniture for your bedroom or office may incorporate practical features to make your life easier and more beautiful such as built in outlets and USB ports designed for charging phones, tablets and laptops. Keep an ever-changing office space timeless by investing in office furniture with removable shelving–giving you the freedom to configure and reconfigure your space as you and your technology evolve.

Something Old…

If you are asking yourself where to buy furniture to add artistic charm to your home, look for discount furniture at a vintage or antique furniture store to buy used design home furnishings to reclaim as your own. Adding vintage glimmers of the past into your design scheme with furniture ranging from 100 to 30 years old or truly evoke another epoch with antiques from over a century ago. Don’t worry about antique furniture clashing with other modern design home furnishings. Part of the charm of older furniture is the artistic statement from the nod to another era. However, don’t go crazy with antiques that are no longer relevant or practical for your space. A china cabinet may not be as functional these days as it once was. Look instead for antique or vintage pieces that serve a purpose in your home such as end or coffee tables, benches, or lamps.

Going into local shops to look for home furnishings can be a fun experience. It is one of the only times where you get to add personal touches to your home design. But, if local stores don’t seem to have what you are seeking, there is always the option to buy home products online. One bonus of online furniture buying is the increasing amount of customization options. From picking out fabrics to choosing the arm design on a sofa, there are many ways to make your furniture a perfect fit for your home. If you have any tips, questions, or comments regarding trends in design home furnishings, please share your thoughts. Check out this website for more.

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