Four Essential Tips for Fall Furnace Maintenance

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  1. Check your gas pressure
    Gas pressure is as finicky as Goldilocks. Too high, and it essentially sucks the life out of your furnace, causing it to overheat. Too low, and your heating system has to work twice as hard to to function, effectively wasting a great deal of energy in the process. For a properly running furnace, the key is to have the pressure just right. To do so, you need a manometer to measure the water pressure. The gas pressure reading should be between four and seven inches.
  2. Clean the filter
    As part of your planned furnace maintenance schedule, you should be cleaning your furnace filter no less than once every three months. Dirty filters cause your heating system to emit dirty, unfiltered air, circulating it throughout your home. In fact, some clean them one every month. It depends on the quality of your furnace, and the amount of use. As far as heating and cooling parts go, most furnace filters are relatively inexpensive, and are made of fiberglass with a 2-inch thickness.
  3. Clean the Evaporator Coils
    With all heating and cooling systems, the coils are essential to ensuring that the equipment performs properly, circulating the air as it should be.The evaporator coils are also responsible for converting cool air into warm air. If your coils are clogged with dust, it is likely impacting both the air quality of your home and your heating and cooling system prices and efficiency.
  4. Know when to service your furnace
    While it’s important to perform your own home furnace maintenance, don’t skimp out on professional residential furnace repairs and services. Local furnace repair companies offer 24 hour repair services, and will ensure that your furnace is working as efficiently and as safely as possible.

What are some of your own home furnace maintenance tips? How do you know when to service your furnace? Let us know in the comments below!

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