Four Cost Effective Home Renovation Ideas

There are many reasons why you might want to have your home renovated. For example, you might be moving very soon, and you want to make sure that your home is marketable and as appealing as possible to potential buyers. Alternatively, you might be planning to live there for a very long time, and you are just tired of what you see. In any case, this is a big project, and you want to make sure that you have the best professionals possible working on it, so that you can make sure the job is done right.

There is a lot that you might not know about custom construction services. You might have many questions when it comes to renovation and construction services. For example, you might wonder, can I use my home loan for renovations? Can you remodel a townhouse? What are the best cheap home remodeling contractors in my area? Are cheap remodeling companies also good at what they do? If you ask the appropriate professionals, they will likely be able to answer these questions for you or at least point you in the right direction. This way, you can figure out everything you need to know for your renovation and remodeling project.

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Home renovations on a budget can be a tricky science. You want to make sure you are investing in things that you will get a return on someday when selling the home. You may feel stuck between price and quality but here are some ideas for discount home renovations that will help increase your home’s value while not spending a fortune.

#1. Landscaping

Between the years 2012 and 2013 the number of people making improvements to their home in order to increase its value have risen 7%. One cost effective way of improving your home’s value and marketability is through landscaping projects. Curb appeal is a big selling point on homes, so the money you invest on making the outside of your home beautiful is money well spent. Plus, landscaping has the added bonus of strategically masking eyesores around your home such as septic caps or utility boxes or giving your home and yard more privacy from close neighbors. One note of caution: make sure your landscaping does not require more maintenance than you are willing to provide. Options are available for low-maintenance landscaping but some landscaping designs may be best left to homeowners with a greater commitment to gardening.

#2. Discount Hardwood Flooring

Home buyers love hardwood flooring and often will pay around $2,000 more for a home with hardwood floors. While regularly priced hardwood flooring can cost an average of $5,800, options for discount hardwood flooring are available that add the value but cost you less. If you are eager to pull up old or dated carpeting and replace it with a sophisticated hardwood floor, rest assured that hardwood flooring never seems to go out of style. Contact a discount hardwood flooring company to check out the different styles and finishes to find something that would work with your space.

#3. Cosmetic Updates

You may be surprised to find that your home may not need a major overhaul to feel like a whole new space. Often, just some updating as far as fresh paint, fresh fixtures and new appliances can make your home seem like new. Renovations get costly when homeowners attempt to take on major structural changes such as changing the location of plumbing. If at all possible, try to work with the existing structure to make renovations less intrusive. That way, updating your home will go faster and save you money at the same time.

#4. Do It Yourself Projects

One great tip for saving money on home renovations is taking on projects yourself instead of hiring contractors or carpenters for everything. At 42%, nearly half of all homeowners renovating their homes this year plan on doing some of the projects themselves. You may be surprised at how much you can figure out during a home renovation. With a little research, you can take on projects like painting, adding a tile back splash to the kitchen, or even building a deck or patio for the backyard. Do it yourself projects give you the satisfaction of completing a job yourself, while saving you the costs of hiring laborers.

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