Flooring Choices Often Help Set the Tone for an Entire Space

The house looks great. It took awhile to decide about the kind of flooring that you wanted to use, but once you decided on the strand woven bamboo flooring the rest of the decisions fell into place. Although the strand woven bamboo flooring was available in several shades, it was an easy decision to select the wide plank grey hewn. It serves as the perfect background to the bright yellow accents in your favorite cookware and the other bright colors in your artwork.

Gray bamboo flooring is a popular options for both residential and commercial spaces. Finding the right flooring for any space is often one of the first choices that builders and home and business owners like to make. Once the base color of the floor has been decided, it is often easier to find the counter tops and cabinet stains that you like as well.

Are You Making Flooring Choices for a New Home or Office Space?

As an increasing number of home owner prepare to update their homes there are a number of people who are tearing up their older, difficult to maintain wood floors and installing various styles of strand woven bamboo flooring. The fact that this kind of flooring is easier to maintain and is actually softer to stand on means that this popular choice makes a lot of sense. When consumers realize that this type of flooring is also an eco-friendly material is another reason that this kind of flooring is a great option.

Consider some of these statistics about the flooring industry and the transitions that many home and business owners are making:

  • Hardwood trees can take as long as twenty years or more to reach maturity, so there are many people who are looking at a more sustainable flooring option than traditional hardwood floors.
  • In comparison, bamboo is made from natural vegetation. Able to grow to maturity in as little as three to five years, the bamboo plant is a highly renewable resource.
  • 70% of respondents, which includes distributors, manufacturers, contractors, and retailers, expect sales growth of at least 3 % in 2018 for the flooring industry, with 30% expecting that sales will grow 8% or more.
  • Total flooring sales in 2017 covered 19.736 billion square feet.
  • Total flooring sales in 2017 topped reached $21.990 billion.
  • The flooring industry in America reported growth of 3.85% in dollars and 3.2% in volume as compared to last year.

There are hundreds of flooring options available on the market today, but there are a number of consumers who look at the option of low maintenance bamboo flooring when they are ready to update their living spaces.

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