Five Facts About Carpet

West linn carpet cleaning

Much of the dirt and dust cleaned out of carpets is actually the 1.5 million skin flakes a person sheds every hour. Carpet cleaning in portland or can be used to ensure carpets are kept as clean as possible. This can prevent the spread of viruses such as norovirus, the virus that causes the stomach flu, which can live on uncleaned carpets for over a month.

Carpet cleaning portland or can also prevent the spread of stachybotrys cartarum, a household mold that grows on wet carpet. The mold produces mycotoxins that cause dermatits, mucosal irritation and immunosuppression. Keeping up to date with carpet cleaners portland oregon can not only help keep the house clean but the family healthy.

Reports show that small rugs are healthier than wall to wall carpeting because the latter is more permanent and the endpoints are harder to clean for moisture, chemicals, crumbs and other spills that produce molds, mildew, yeasts and bacteria. Carpet is most commonly made from nylon, which is relatively easy to for carpet cleaning in portland or. However, caution should be used when carpet cleaning in portland or to avoid leaving any wet spots on the carpet that could potentially produce mold.

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