Five Common Roof Problems and How to Avoid Them

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Your roof is the first line of defense for your protecting your home. The roof works to keep outside elements where they belong, outside of your home. They also help to reduce your utility costs by keeping your cold and warm air where it belongs, inside the house. Roofing products which carry the ENERGY STAR rating help to reduce your cooling costs by as much as 10 to 15%. Choosing the right materials for your roof can result in a savings of 30% in your home’s cooling and heating costs. Since your roof works so hard for you, shouldn’t you do your part to make that work easier by reducing some common problems associated with roofs.


Faulty installation of your roof or roofing material by commercial roofers will drastically increase the chances of you having to seek out roofing solutions later down the road. The lifespan of a roof will be drastically decreased if your commercial roofing construction contractor does a poor job of installing it. Professional installation which is done correctly increases the life span of your roof and eliminates a variety of problems you could run into later down the road.


Nobody wants a house guest they didn’t welcome into their home, but unfortunately sometimes critters and other pests find their way into your home or onto your home. While some of these nuisances decide to make their home inside your home others decide your roof and surrounding areas look desirable. Small animals like mice, rats, insects and small birds are common pests found around roofing areas. Routine checks can help eliminate these pesky house guests before they cause big problems leaving you seeking out roofing solutions for damage.


Anybody with a roof probably views gutters as an unwanted chore they must do every once in a while. The truth is gutters serve an important purpose in protecting your roof and when they do not function properly your roof can become damaged leaving you needing roofing solutions to remedy the problem. When the gutters do not drain properly water is not removed from the roof. Standing water allows for the growth of mold and mildew, which rots and breaks down the materials of the roof of your home. Regular cleaning of gutters may seem like a chore, but the alternative will leave you wishing you had done some preventative maintenance before hand.


Trees can leave you swaying every which way. On one hand they are there to help shade the house and lower your utility bills, but on the other hand they can damage your roof and cost you more money in roofing solutions. Limbs which overhand your roof can rub against the surface causing irreversible damage to your roof. Strong winds can blow tree limbs causing them to break and damage your roof as well. Keeping tree limbs trimmed can help shade your house during the summer but reduce the chances of damage when limbs are blown by the wind or when they become heavy from ice and snow.

Regular Maintenance

Many of the problems mentioned above can be prevented with proper maintenance, but there are other regular maintenance methods will will further extend the life of your roof. Many problems start out minor and turn into major problems requiring immediate roofing solutions after being ignored for some time. Routine inspections of your roof help you identify possible problem areas which you need to keep an eye on or possibly repair. Always walk around your house to inspect your roof for visible signs of damage that needs repair. Climb a ladder to better inspect areas, but remember simple acts such as walking your roof can also cause damage. Finding and eliminating small problems keeps them from becoming larger more expensive problems.

Regular maintenance can help you save money on utility bills as well as repairs. Use these tips to help reduce problems and avoid needing roofing solutions. With a little effort and regular maintenance your roof can remain in tip top shape for years to come.

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