Every Homeowner Should these 4 Common Plumbing Myths

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Every homeowner is probably familiar with the difficulties of plumbing and how it can be stressful to know what to do when you are having serious plumbing problems. If you have ever faced any issues with your plumbing in the sink or bathroom, then you should keep reading to find out some information about how to deal with these events in the future. Here’s a summary of some common facts about plumbing, and the truth that’s really behind them.

Myth #1: I can pretty much do most plumbing maintenance myself. False!
You should definitely not try this, and if you have a serious plumbing issue you should get on the phone with your local 24 hour plumbers to make an emergency appointment. People can actually do a lot more harm than good by trying to fix their own plumbing problems, and if you do something seriously wrong then you might end up paying a lot more money in the long run because you will have to have the original repair plus extra ones to replace any damage you do. If you’re tempted to fix your own plumbing, try to avoid it and just call the professionals.

Myth #2: Plumbers don’t need a high level of training, and overall plumbing is easy. False!
Okay, if you think this it is obvious you haven’t thought it through. If plumbing is so easy then why are 24 hour plumbers so popular, with people frantically calling to get plumbing repairs at all hours of the night? It’s because even though it might seem like plumbing is a relatively easy job, when you are in a pinch and have a plumbing emergency, you will want a professional there to help you through it. If you ever call a 24 hour plumbers service, make sure you thank them for their hard work and dedication.

Myth #3: If you need to clean your garbage disposal, just toss in a few lemons and the job is done. False!
If you are having plumbing issues with your garbage disposal and you think that it might need to be cleaned, you should really do it the old fashioned way and scrub it out to make sure it is fully clean and free of any germs and old food. It is actually a huge waste of lemons to just buy a ton of them and throw them down the drain, so if you think that this is the best way to clean a garbage disposal then you should probably do some more research.

Myth #4: I should pour some water down my garbage disposal to help solid waste pass through with less resistance. False!
This seems like it could be some helpful do-it-yourself kitchen sink plumbing, but it’s actually not really a good idea because it doesn’t do anything. It won’t cause harm to your garbage disposal or break it any further, but if you are trying to fix a clog or you are simply trying to prevent future clogs from happening, you should do this in other ways. One of the best ideas is to not put too much food down at once and to follow all of the important directions that accompany your specific disposal system. Read more.

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