Eight Facts about Garbage Removal That You Won’t Believe

Do you own a commercial building and need commercial garbage disposal services? If so, you’re on the right track. Having piled up garbage on your property is not only an eyesore, but it’s also bad for business. To find garbage disposal rates, search for garbage disposal in my area online. From here you can call a few different companies to get a general estimate on what it will cost to get your garbage hauled away. No matter the reason you need garbage pickup in my neighborhood, the professionals will be able to take it away for a reasonable fee. Dumpster rental and junk removal can even be purchased as a package from participating companies. Don’t let your garbage pile up in and around your business. Instead, call in the professionals for a dumpster for storing all the waste until it can be hauled away to dump. You can even set up professional garbage removal on a schedule that’s right for you and your business, especially if you’re a contractor who produces a lot of trash.


Garbage removal services are easy to forget about. For most of us, garbage removal happens while we are still asleep or after we’ve already gone to work. The only thing we are concerned about is when to put out the recycling bins and remembering which days residential waste pickup is scheduled for. It turns out that the garbage collection industry has some pretty interesting facts and statistics, so read on to learn a bit more.





    • We throw away an amazing amount of stuff. In the course of a lifetime, the average person in the United States ends up throwing away 600 times their own adult weight. The average person is generating about four pounds of trash every day. Considered in this way, garbage removal is just about the most important job on the planet!


    • Our cities don’t always clean up our waste. You might think that every municipality is responsible for arranging garbage removal, but municipal garbage pickup only takes care of somewhere between 25% and 55% of all the waste that we generate.


    • Garbage removal is hard work, but you can make a good living off it. Those two facts are obviously connected. People who work with the traditional rear-loading truck will lift an average of 13,000 pounds every day. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics says that garbage removal is the fifth most dangerous job a person can have in America, after being an airline pilot, a fisherman, a logger, or a roofer. The biggest danger to someone working garbage removal is actually being hit by a car. Because of this, garbage removal workers are well compensated, particularly when compared with other industries that do not require even a high school diploma to make a career of.


    • There are some things you should be doing better. Speaking of the dangers of garbage removal, it’s easy for someone working garbage disposal to get hurt because of broken glass in your garbage can. It’s also important to check whether the chemicals you want to throw out can go in the regular commercial garbage pickup. You never know what kind of reactions might happen in the back of a truck because of an unlucky mixture of weird chemicals.


    • Garbage removal professionals really disliked wildlife. In a lot of places, garbage removal services will regularly have to deal with raccoons, rats, and squirrels. That’s not even counting the cats and dogs, some of whom think it’s great fun to run barking after the truck.


    • Start thinking about where you park. When it’s garbage removal day in your neighborhood, don’t park in front of your container. Not only do you risk scratches and dents when that enormous truck goes by, but you’re also forcing your garbage services to get out and move your bins around before they can pick them up and put them in the back. If everybody does this, it will take twice as long to pick up the garbage.


    • There are actually women in the garbage removal profession. It might not seem like it, and the percentage of women in the profession is still quite small, but there are a few. That’s probably because there aren’t a whole lot of women excited about the maggots, the smell, and the fights with raccoons and squirrels.


  • Use your trashcan, for heaven’s sake! Don’t throw those chemicals in it, but do remember that America is spending $11.5 billion every year to clean up litter. Take those extra five steps and put it in a garbage can, ok?





Most of us don’t want to think about our garbage. We want to throw it in the can and be done with it. Thankfully, experienced and professional waste removal services are there to help us do just that most of the time.

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