Don’t Hate, Renovate!

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Living in Santa Fe gives you access to great weather, historic landmarks, and uniquely styled homes that are characteristic of the city’s culture. UNESCO has even designated Santa Fe as a “Creative City of Design, Crafts, and Folk Art,” because of its multi-cultural character. In addition to these perks, the housing market is beginning to pick up.

February 2014 saw a 28% increase in home sales from February 2013, according to the Santa Fe Association of Realtors. This means that more home buyers are investing in Santa Fe property, which will continue to increase the value of the entire city. Another way to raise property value is through home renovations.

Renovating your home could a great way to give an older house a newer, fresher look. MarketLine predicts that between 2010 and 2015, the home renovation rate will climb 2.5% every year. Homeowners are increasingly looking to spruce up their flooring, windows, bathrooms, and kitchens. Not only does this add property value to your home and entice potential home buyers, it also gives your home a whole new look that will help you fall in love with it all over again.

One of the latest trends in renovations is throwing splashes of color into your kitchen. While stainless steel still dominates as the preferred type of appliance, many home owners are adding a twist to their kitchen with bold, bright colors, particularly blue. Cobalt blue seems to be the color of choice this year, as stainless steel appliances, such as stoves, fridges, and oven hoods are being completely covered by stick on or roll on colored sheets. Manufacturers are also custom making stainless steel appliances in various colors to support the trend.

Home buyers are also loving at the latest return to simplicity throughout a house. Home improvement is shifting toward using natural materials and woods to create a warm feel. This means that tables, chairs, and furniture are often left unstained, and in some cases, unfinished, to give a home a more rustic look. Coffee tables may not as rounded or perfectly edged, and counters are being installed as whole chunks of stone or wood. Homeowners are also continuing to rip off drywall to expose bricks in older homes.

Interior design trends are pointing toward “green” changes as well, whether you live in luxury Santa Fe real estate, or an average home. More people want to change their heating and cooling systems to more energy efficient HVAC units, and use sustainable products such as bamboo flooring in order to support renewable material use. The best kitchen designs are also incorporating energy efficient appliances that reduce the total energy output of a home. With this change, your monthly energy bill goes down too.

So if you are feeling restless in your home, you do not have to immediately think about putting it on the market and looking for new homes in Santa Fe. Renovating your home could be a great way to re-establish youth and vigor to your existing abode. It is also much easier than having pack up your entire house, and say goodbye to the incredible memories you have already created. Find out more here:

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