Don’t Forget These Necessities On Your Upcoming RV Vacation

Crane matts

Camping is one of the most popular summer vacations in the United States. According to the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association, approximately 8.9 million households own an RV alone. This does not take into account the number of campers who choose to rent cabins or stay in ground tents. As you prepare for your camping trip this summer, remember to bring all of the required RV attachments. These RV accessories will make your trip more comfortable and safer.

Basic RV papers
You would never drive anywhere without your proof of insurance, driver?s license, and vehicle registration. The same documents should always accompany your RV. In fact, it may be even more beneficial to have these documents on board your RV. If you are traveling out of state, you are more likely to need your insurance and registration information. The specific campgrounds that you stay in may also require proof of registration and updated insurance policies. Do not ruin your vacation by forgetting to bring these documents with you.

RV Docking accessories
Many new RV owners forget about the accessories needed to park. They forget that they are taking the RV to a campground or RV park and will need specific items to park it temporarily. Some of these items, like ground mats, seating equipment, and lighting are optional, but will increase the comfort of your stay. Other items, like ground protection mats, camper jack pads, and RV jack pads are necessary. It can be very difficult to park your RV safely on ground that is not level without ground protection mats. Ground protection mats also protect the local land, which may be a requirement of your camp rental.

Emergency cash
Much of the country relies on credit cards and debit cards today. It is unlikely that you even have any cash on your person at this time. Camping, however, still tends to be a traditional type of vacation. You may find that cash is required in many locations. It can also be helpful to have emergency cash on hand. If your credit cards get stolen or lost, you will still have funds available.

Today?s typical RV owner is 48 years old, married, with an annual income of $62,000, higher than the median for all households, according to the Michigan study. RV owners are likely to own their homes and spend disposable income on traveling, an average of three weeks annually, Recreation Vehicle Industry research shows. Whatever your situation is, ensure that you are always prepared with cash on hand.

Sleeping accommodations
Residing in your RV may seem like a great idea when planning your camping vacation. However, after you have spent many nights in the RV during travel, a break may be ideal. Always bring additional sleeping accommodations for an optimal vacation. Tents can easily be stored underneath the RV and pulled out within minutes. Even if you decide you would rather sleep in the RV, children often prefer tent sleeping. Ensure that you have proper ground protection mats to provide a safe camping location.

If you forget to bring ground protection mats, you may have to find a local crane mat company for supplies. On their most recent trip, most campers, regardless of their chosen camping shelter, spent one to two nights in the outdoors, according to the 2014 American Camping Report. RV campers stayed the longest, with 13% camping for seven or more nights. Remembering items like ground protection mats makes it easier to stay an extended length of time.

This summer, many travelers will jump in their RV for a long distance camping trip. You can ensure that you are fully prepared for your RV vacation by remembering to bring along necessary camping supplies, including ground protection mats. Also, be sure to bring emergency cash, camping equipment, and all vehicle documents. Proper planning will reduce the chance of any unexpected problems and will allow you to fully enjoy your summer camping vacation.

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