Consider Moving PODS

Moving pods

People move everyday for numerous different reasons: to be closer to family, for better weather, for a new job, etc. Interestingly, 44 percent of people say that they have relocated due to a job opportunity or transfer. However, If you are planning a move, particularly if you are planning a cross country move or a long distance move, there are several things that you will want to consider to ensure that your move goes smoothly.

First of all, movers can help to facilitate an easy, stress free move. You will to keep in mind that the most expensive time to hire movers is during the summer months. If you are trying to cut costs, you might consider try to schedule your move outside of this timeframe. It can also help to try and schedule your move midweek or mid month. Overall, the more flexible you are about your moving date, the more likely you are to save money. You might also consider moving PODS. Pods moving involves portable PODS storage. You can pack these moving moving containers yourself and then hire movers to move the moving PODS. Though moving PODS is a bit more labor intensive, it is a great way to costs.

During a move, it is also essential to stay organized. You will want to keep this list throughout the moving process. Also note that prior to moving it is a good idea to declutter. Lastly, when moving, don’t send any valuables with the long distance moving company. Always pack these items to travel with you or send them ahead to your destination via a trackable shipping service.

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