Common Types of Air Conditioning Repair and the Importance of Regular Maintenance

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A typical home in the United States uses roughly 48% of its overall energy for heating and cooling purposes. Approximately 66% of homes have air conditioners, and these units tend to last for 10 to 15 years. When residential air conditioning repair is needed on a regular basis, however, it may be time to speak with a Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) specialist about a new high-efficiency model.

There are common types of air conditioning repair and maintenance that are needed from time-to-time. When the weather is warmer, having sufficient cool air is obviously important. If you’re not sure how often your HVAC system should be serviced, manufacturers concur that this needs to be done once a year.

Air filters also need to be changed on a regular basis, and experts recommend doing so every 1 to 3 months. You may want to have this taken care of more often if you have furry pets such as dogs and cats. Another reason why you might want to change your filters more often is when you live in an area with a lot of dust.

When HVAC systems aren’t properly installed, it can make a difference in their efficiency levels. Recent figures show that an improper installation can reduce a system’s efficiency by 30%. Furthermore, if ducts aren’t properly sealed or insulated, this can also make a difference in a system’s efficiency levels. When this is attended to, it can improve efficiency by up to 20%. There are other common types of air conditioning repair that may be needed, so it’s important to schedule regular maintenance visits with a reliable AC repair service.

If your air conditioning unit is working well, you may still want to contact an HVAC specialist to check your heating system. Rather than waiting until the weather turns, it makes sense to have this checked out now. Some HVAC specialists have reported that 75% of the calls they receive during the colder months for a lack of heat are due to irregular maintenance. While it does depend on the weather conditions where you live, there are some areas where being without heat can create serious issues.

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