Common Piping Tools

Branch connection fittings, or ‘olets, are common piping tools. They help connect smaller pipes to larger, main pipes. Here is a look at the differences between ‘olets like weldolets, sockolets, thredolets, and nipolets by HDR Technical Guruji.

The most popular type of branch connection is a weldolet.

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It has sloping ends to make it easier to be welded onto the main pipe and a branch pipe. It’s used to make 90-degree angles to help fit pipes together. They are classified as buttweld fittings. They are best for large pipes with high water pressure.

Sockolets are similar to weldolets but are better for smaller pipes using lower water pressure. They are classified as socket fittings. They are not as beveled in shape as weldolets. A branch pipe is screwed on the round end and the other end is welded onto the main pipe.

Thredolets are classified as threaded fittings. They are also used for smaller pipes and low pressure. They connect pipes together in much the same way as sockolets.

Nipolets are shaped much differently than all of the other ‘olets. They look like a tube stuck onto a weldolet. They are used for valve take-offs, which help reduce pressure in pipes.

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