Cleaning Travertine Vs Cleaning Terrazzo

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When it comes to flooring, travertine and terrazzo are both great options. But though both share similar origins, their makeup is very different, and care for each flooring type is even more different.

Terrazzo is a composite material composed of chips of different materials like quartz, marble and granite poured or precast into a tile. Once the materials are assembled, the surface is ground to be level and smooth.

Travertine tile isn’t a composite. It’s made of calcium carbonate, a form of limestone that forms and hardens in mineral hot springs.

Of course, this means that cleaning techniques need to be adjusted to suit each type. Here are some tips for cleaning each:

Tips for Terrazzo Floor Cleaning

Terrazzo is one of the most durable flooring options you can buy. It won’t snag, fray or wear and it can last years with minimal maintenance, while still looking brand new. It doesn’t stain either, and wine and coffee can usually be wiped away easily, and since terrazzo is non-pourus and dries quickly, you won’t even have to worry about mold.

Still, terrazzo floor cleaning does pose some danger to your floor, so using the right materials is key.

Terrazzo floor cleaning works best when you use a commercial cleaner with neutral pH, and ideally, that cleaner should be designed to clean terrazzo. More generic floor cleaners are likely to damage the parts of your terrazzo that hold the stone together.

Tips for Travertine Floor Cleaning

Travertine floor cleaning is similar to terrazzo floor cleaning in that you should avoid household cleaners that aren’t specifically designed to clean your flooring type. Most travertine floors do require a little extra maintenance.

You should always use a handheld or canister vacuum to pick up dirt since the wheels from your upright vacuum could scratch your floors and result in costly travertine repair. Try to vaccum at least once a week to keep the naturally occurring troughs and holes clean.

Travertine restoration and travertine cleaning by professionals might not be a bad idea if you’re not sure what you’re doing.

Most tile cleaning professionals will be able to help you effectively clean and maintain either type of floor.

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